Creative Decoupaging Ideas for Furniture


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Today we're going to be decoupaging. Decoupage is a super easy and inexpensive way to transform boring old furniture.

1.) Maps - Vintage maps are very easy to come by. Whether they are old folded National Geographic inserts or pages from an atlas, maps are a great way to add some personal flair to your piece of furniture. 

Probably the simplest way to get started is with your drawer fronts. Remember to paint your dresser to match and find pulls that compliment your maps. 

Maps inside the drawers is a great way to add some character but keep it hidden if you prefer a simpler more modern finish. 

I love the way this cabinet is split with the circular map. 

This secretary desk with decoupaged map would make a great homework station. 

A very simple map table. I personally would have left the legs alone. 

I see a lot of the San Francisco Bay in this desk.

Some of Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Chalk Paint® really goes well with the colors in old maps. 

Especially if you distress the paint. 

The white paint really compliments the map and gives this dresser a very smooth almost modern feel.

Even dark blue works wonders.

If your maps are the right color the will look Phantastic with old worn wood. 

2.) Newspaper - A really easy and inexpensive way to add some great detail. Vintage newspapers have the coolest ads and a great yellow patina. 

Love the contrast of the black knobs and exterior.

I would have painted the knobs on this pine dresser. 

Great little wooden filing cabinet is now a totally different 

Just like the white painted map dresser this one is very simple and would work great with modern decor.

3.) Comic Books - Another easy and inexpensive decoupaging material. This works best for children's furniture or in play rooms. 

This old art deco waterfall piece is now a bright and vibrant piece.

A great little play chest for all those action figures. 

Even old out of date furniture styles can become relevant again with some decoupaging. 

Newspaper comics work well too. 

4.) Floral Prints and Wallpaper - Whether your cutting them out of magazines, advertisements, gift wrap, or wallpaper it doesn't matter. If it will stick you can use it. 

This grey and white floral print really works with the Paris Grey Chalk Paint®

This pattern really reminds me of the Blue Willow transfer ware pattern.

Again if bring bold colors are not your thing you can hide your decoupage inside the drawers. 

The bright pink and red of these roses work wonderfully with the 

Another wonderful waterfall transformation!

The white paint and the white background on the wall paper really make the flowers pop. 

Again feel free to distress your paint for a more rustic look.

Not a lot of decoupaging but it really makes the piece.

4.) Parisian Motif - Not sure why it is but French writing, menus, pictures, and designs really work well with decoupaging, especially if you are using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

Love how the Eiffel Tower is split between the bottom three drawers.

These little jewelry boxes look amazing painted with Pure White Chalk paint® combined with the black & white decals. 

Even just a random assortment of French words look great on this little side table.

Love this collection of product labels from France.

We hope that these ideas are enough to get your started on decoupaging your own furniture. Thanks for tuning in.


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