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Hi guys, Phantastic Phinds, back with stencil DIY.

Remember that can of Provence Chalk Paint® that I had when we did a Liberty Bell stencil? Well, I still have some. That's right, several picture frames, a pair of shoes and the Liberty Bell plaque later and I've still got some! Isn't it crazy how far this paint goes?

In a craft room, I love to have things that inspire me as a writer and an artist where I can see them. For instance, over my sewing table, you've seen my vintage photo and art wall (which happens to have pictures of my favorite band mixed in because I love music). Today, we're sprucing up the wall over my writing desk. I love mysteries - Hercule Poirot and Columbo are my two favorite detectives! However, my favorite detective of them all is Sherlock Holmes. So what better image to hang over my writing desk than a handsome Sherlock silhouette?

I started out by googling jack-o-lantern patterns. Usually, with jack-o-lantern patterns, the image is already in silhouette form.

For this DIY, we're using my leftover Provence, a large canvas, and I use whenever I make shirts or large stenciled dresses. All you have to do is upload your image to the website and choose how large you want it, and will print it out on multiple sheets of printer paper. After finding my perfect image, I prepped my canvas with my Provence Chalk Paint®.

Here is what blockposters gives you when you print out your picture - all these little sheets of paper that you have to tape together. Here is my Sherlock stencil before it was painted. I probably could have done it just a bit larger to fill the whole canvas, but I may do a border later on.

As we learned when I showed you my Liberty Bell stencil, it's always important to tape down your stencil. I did not do that. Again. But really, use some frog tape or painters tape just to steady your image. I mean, you're going through all this work, you might as well like your finished product!

And paint! Start working from the outside edges of your piece in. This will probably take two coats. I did the first one with black acrylic craft paint and it seemed streaky, so I needed a second coat. In progress!

While we were waiting for my stencil to dry, I started another mini DIY. As you know, Sherlock's trusty friend and companion is Dr. John Watson. You also know that I love skeletons and skulls, and as a writer I'm in constant need of cork boards to keep story notes on. When this cutie came into the store, I knew it had tons of potential. I popped the country image out (it's actually a note card that I sent to my mom afterward) and I inserted a vintage medical illustration I got from a dictionary.

Isn't my new cork board creepy cute? I love it! And it's such a cute subtle tribute to Sherlock's best bud.

So now, onto the final product- how my stencil looks in it's new home!

Here is my new Sherlock art over a computer desk where it can see it all the time! I'm so in love with how this turned out.

Careful guys, my geek is about to show. Not only is everything on this wall from Phantastic Phinds, it's also relevant to Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock plays the violin, so I had to get the blue glass violin vase, which perfectly matched the DIY. There is the Dr. Watson cork board up there next to the larger cork board. I have a handmade wooden violin/stars music art piece on the wall because (again) Sherlock and violins but also in the BBC shows he "deleted" the stars from his memory because they weren't important and I thought it was funny that the sheet music was stars related! And in the BBC Sherlock he has a bull head in his living room, so I have two- a porcelain cow that was a gift from a friend and a little copper one that came in shortly after.

Also, here is some inspiration from my cork board. I have a vintage post card of Philly because my city inspires me so much, and a little inspirational message from my friend Bella. I also have my FAVORITE vintage photo that I've ever purchased (also from Phantastic Phinds) of a lady shooting a gun. It's so funny- Angela's husband Tim was just asking if I still had this photo! Of course I do! It's amazing!

Well, that's all for me today. I hope this project inspires you to do some stenciling of your own and if you DO stencil something, send us pics! I'd love to see what you do!

In the mean time, what's next for me? Well, there is a large blank wall space next to Sherlock and I DO still have that medical dictionary......


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