Creative & Repurposed Dining Table Ideas


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1.) Using an old door for your table top is a great way to add depth to your eating surface. Plus it's super easy and most people have doors in their house ;)

A glass top really adds a modern finish to a smooth door.

Rustic and chippy doors work really well tood. 

Replace the glass panes with mirrors to add more light to your dining room.

Use leftover back splash tiles to fill in the recessed areas.

2.) Cast iron sewing machine bases look amazing as table bases.  It doesn't matter if you're making a desk, console, kitchen or dining table all you need is a top. We have seen people use glass, barn wood, wooden doors, granite, marble,  shutters, and even rustic metal. It's up to you to create the table of your dreams.

Even though the base is probably over 100 years old and the chairs are from the 50's this little homemade bistro set has a very modern look.

If you need a larger table then just add a second base 

You can even add a third base.

Again this works really well with modern chairs. 

I love this thick rustic wooden top.

3.) If you have a nice top but need a quick fix for legs then order yourself a set of hairpin legs. Hairpin legs are a timeless style that work great with rustic tops, modern tops, or home made tops.

I really like the look of the bench but it needs to be stained to match in my opinion.

This reclaimed wood table gives a rustic look to a very sleek design.

Don't be afraid to mix in some bright colors.

This very sleek and modern top looks amazing with these vintage style hairpin legs,

A rustic top, mixed with vintage hairpin legs, and retro dining chairs.

Feel free to mix and match your chairs.

4.) Make a dining table with storage out of old library card catalog drawers. This one can be kind of pricey considering how much the card catalog drawers go for but it can store silverware, napkins, condiments and more.

This is probably my favorite piece from this week's blog.

5.) Turn an old ironing board into a cute little breakfast bar. Not shown in the picture but this would be even better if it folds down off the wall 

6.) This is another really fun and creative dining table solution. Depending on your access to bicycle parts it could be expensive or very cheap.

Don't forget to engage the brake!!

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