Creative DIY Halloween Decorations


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It's one of the best holidays for do it yourself upcycling and repurposing. It doesn't matter if you're decorating or making your own costumes. Today we're going to be focusing on decorating your home and yard with items that you can usually find at Phantastic Phinds or lying around your home.

1.) Spooky Jack O'Lantern Mason Jars 

It doesn't matter if you're not feeling like using orange. Monsters can be any color you wish.

If you don't have paint you can decoupage some orange tissue paper instead.

Make a few of them and display on an old cake plate.

Loving the Frankenstein

2.) Spooky Homemade Poison Jars - We always have a nice selection of old jars, bottles, and decanters for you to make your own haunted apothecary. You can download and print your own labels HERE. Bonus points if you're having an adult Halloween party and fill your "poison" bottles up with alcohol.

This one uses burnt out flood lights instead.

Black craft paint really goes a long way.

Chalk board paint can give your bottles more of a matte finish.

You can design your own labels and age them yourself by singing the edges. 

3.) DIY Pumpkins made from old books. Just cut your book into the shape of a half pumpkin, remove the cover and fan it out. Add some orange spray paint to give it the pumpkin color. Vintage and antique books already have that yellow hue and work great.

4.) Spooky black painted picture frames. Ornate frames really work the best. You don't even need to have a scary picture in the frame, just use your normal family photos.

5.) Decoupage antique photographs to votive holders for a super spooky candle holder. There is just something inherently scary about antique photographs, whe

6.) Find some boring old candlesticks and paint them black. It doesn't matter if they are silverplate, glass, wood, brass, tin, pewter, or iron. As long as you can paint them it will work. You can use a standard spray paint, craft paint or Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk Paint®. Just make sure that the paint you choose is suitable for the material you are painting. 

Candelabras work wonderfully too. Don't be afraid to use some dark purple too. 

I really like how the crystal was left it's original finish. Not as spooky but still great for Halloween decor and can be used during other times of the year as well.

Wrap some dollar store rubber snakes around those candlesticks for a little bonus. You can also glue some spiders too if snakes are too scary for you.

7.) Make bleeding candles by dripping red wax down the top.

When you start doubling upon these ideas the spooky feel really starts to take shape.

The nails really give these candles a Hellraiser feel. 

8.) Paint a few old chalices black to make votive holders.

An easy project. Just make sure that you don't drink out of the glasses if your paint isn't safe for food use.

9.) Drip black or orange paint down mason jars for a spooky. 

Another really easy project. These candle holders give a great light cast in dark rooms.

10.) Do the same thing with some extra wine glasses.

This idea works great with red paint to give the appearance of the glasses bleeding up.

11.) Mount some black and white plates to the wall for some eclectic spooky decor. They don't have to be Halloween related but it works.

You can stencil, decal, or decoupage spiders to plain wall plates.

12.) Take some old crates and slap vintage candy labels on them.

You can find the candy labels online with a little googling. 

13.) Paint an old pedestal, tiered server or cake stand orange and black as a great way to display pumpkins, candy, skulls or any kind of spooky decoration or treat.


14.) Orange painted picture frames with black cut out silhouettes.

You can print out these silhouettes or cut them out of black paper.

15.) Use vintage glass vases, urns, compotes and serving dishes to display your Halloween candy.

16.) Use an assortment of wine bottles and vases as candle holders. They look especially good after the wax drips down them.

17.) Make a haunted Halloween village by painting old Christmas village houses. This one doesn't really pertain to us but I still love the idea.

OK. Now let's combine some of these ideas into some wonderful Halloween displays.


-Thanks for reading this week. We hope that you are inspired and ready to create the best Halloween decorations on the block. If there is anything you need help getting started please give us a call or stop by, we're always happy to help.

-Mike McFadden

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