Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Fall Color Palate

This week we're going to be talking about Annie Sloan's fall colors of her Chalk Paint® line. These 5 colors work wonderfully on their own or in combination with each other. Also don't be afraid to mix your own shade. These colors will mix together so well.

English Yellow

The English Yellow on it's own with the clear wax can be a very bright and summery color that makes the transition into fall very well. It really starts to take on a great autumn look when you work in some distressing and or Dark Wax.

As you can see it is very bright and summery on its own.

With some heavy distressing you can see how the fall colors are coming out.

Now with the dark wax it remind me of falling oak leaves.


A more subdued yellow that works better with the autumn color palate on it's own better than the English Yellow. That being said it still works better with some light distressing and or dark wax.

Barcelona Orange

Probably the brightest and funnest of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® color line. It doesn't matter if it's flat, distressed, clear waxed or dark wax orange is the color of fall.

Emperor's Silk

The bolder of Annie Sloan's reds is Emperor's Silk. Many of our customers use Emperor's Silk as an accent color for the insides of secretary desks or the fronts of drawers but, it works wonders as your primary color and really compliments rustic unfinished wood and metal with patina.

Primer Red

The darker of Annie Sloan's reds has a real deep autumn feel. It looks especially good with dark wax.

Now let's put them together

Here are some examples of projects that have used more than one of the colors from above. Don't be afraid to experiment. Chalk Paint® is very versatile and forgiving so have at it.

-Thank you for tuning in this week and I hope that we inspired you to bring some fall colors into your home.

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