6 Creative DIY & Repurposed Room Dividers & Privacy Screens


Don't forget that this isn't a complete list of everything we've had in the shop this week! To see every item we've received, check out our New Arrivals page on the Phantastic Phinds website! The captions below each image link directly to that items page on our website. If you have any question or would like to purchase an item please give us a call at 215-233-3325.

Due to the popularity of room dividers and privacy screens we're going to recommend some ideas to make your own out of repurposed items that you can find at Phantastic Phinds.

1.) Old Doors - This is an easy one. You can even reuse the hinges from when the doors were mounted to the frames. Don't be afraid to paint them different colors or keep them as they are. Adding castors to the bottoms makes moving and arranging much easier.

2.) Vinyl Records - It doesn't matter if they are original or with a funky paint job records can make a very hip room divider or privacy screen 

If you can make a frame just mount your own records.

3.) Old Shutters - Another very easy one that can make use of the original hinges.

4.) Milk Crates - This method isn't  really movable like a typical room screen but it does offer plenty of additional storage.

5.) Old Window Panes - It doesn't matter if they match or if you use an eclectic mix of different panes. 

6.) Vintage & Colorful Glass Bottles - This one needs a glass drill bit and some thin piping for supports. This one is best utilized in bright areas to let the sun through your colored glass bottles. 

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