DIY Blog - Back to School Edition


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It's the best time of the year! When the kids go back to school. Just kidding but everybody needs a little relief after summer vacation. Now that the little ones are back to work it's our time to make creative workstations, desktop organizers, chalk boards, and more. Here are a bunch of ideas to repurpose vintage and everyday items that you can find at Phantastic Phinds. 

1.) Homework stations

If your kids are in school chances are they have outgrown their crib. You can easily repurpose that old crib into a cute child's homework station.

Feel free to use some chalk board paint or some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® to add some distressing to your homework station. 

This kids homework table has old brass lamps for legs and a painted finish. Doubles as a great play table too. 

Collect an assortment of yardsticks to for an easy DIY worktable. 

You can turn an old vanity into a desk very easy. This one looks Phantastic in Pure White Chalk Paint®.

I love the industrial look of this old microwave cart.

Have a messy kid (I know I was)? Make a hide away work area so you can easily cover up unfinished projects.

This standard double pedestal desk is now ready for the finest Geography students. Just make sure that your maps are up to date. 

Vintage maps work great mounted to the wall and really compliment these old globes too. If you use out of date maps make sure to explain it to your little student. 

Homework stations don't have to necessarily be desks any more. This bar style work area has tons of organizational capabilities.

Don't have a lot of space? Then make a little fold down workstation that mounts to the wall.

2.) Now that you have your workstation set up it's time for organization. 

You can almost always find vintage mason jars here at Phantastic Phinds. Lose the center piece of your lid and now you have great pen and pencil holders. Bonus points if you use an old crate or box to hold the jars. 

You don't even need the lids. Don't for get to glue. 

A little paint doesn't hurt either.

Magnets. Magnets everywhere. This works great if you are making a hideaway desk or wall mounted work space. 

Use some Chalk Paint® on an old tool caddy and now you have a great little utensil organizer. 

Sometimes we need reminders. 

Old shutters can store papers, artwork, and utensils very easily. 

Peg boards are your friend. 

Need a use for those leftover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® cans?

Old milk bottle and soda bottle crates are amazing vintage organizers.

This knife block went from holding kitchen utensils to homework essentials.  

3.) Chalkboards for scheduling and keeping notes. 

Chalkboard paint is your best friend for this project. I can allow you to turn almost any item you can imagine into a phantastic chalk board. I especially love this globe weekly organizer. 

Old ornate frames look really good as wall hung chalkboards.

A gilt or Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® job on the frame goes a long way!

Chalk board mugs for leaving reminders to work hard. 

4.) Cute gifts for teachers or items to decorate your new work space with. 

Old straw dispensers can be painted and repurposed for dispensing pens or pencils. 

Cut pieces out of various rulers for a rustic school house themed wall clock.

Here's an easy one that just needs some Scrabble tiles, paint, glue and clothes pins. Even the kids can help with this project. 

Another great use for Chalkboard paint. 

Use 12" rulers to frame out a cure little cork board. 

Don't have the room for a permanent homework station? Make a portable one. 

Slap some Chalk Paint® on the cork board frame.

Wrap a tin can in pencils for a cute little gift basket.

This cork board has a sewing theme but I still love it. 

We would like to thank everybody for reading this weeks edition and we hope that everyone's back to school transition is going well.


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