20 Creative & Easy Nautical Decorating Ideas


Since yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate day, we're going to decorate like pirates today. Here are some great ideas for working within a nautical theme. Nautical decorating is easy; pick up some Napoleonic Blue & Pure White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, some rope, and some boat cleats and you can handle most of these projects in a weekend. 

1.) Paint your furniture with a nautical theme. - Painting your furniture in a nautical style is really easy. Make sure to stock up on blue and white paint before getting started. 

Even without the anchor the distressed blue and white has a very nautical theme. 

You don't have to use anchors if they aren't your thing. 

Boat cleats make excellent drawer pulls too. 

If you're braver than me you can free hand your nautical design. 

You don't have to use blue & white paint if you prefer natural wood.

2.) Turn your overhead ceiling lamp into a compass. 

3.) Add some nautical flair by adding some rope to your piece of furniture.

Or for a closet door.

4.) Use rope as curtain tie backs.

You can use a boat cleat to secure the rope to the wall. 

5.) Use rope and boat cleats to add a nautical accent to your stair case.

6.) Turn a standard folding TV table into a cute nautical side table or nightstand. 


7.) Use old buoys to ad some color and vintage aesthetic to your deck or patio area. 

8.) Use rope to hang a small seal to create an adorable little reading nook. 

Bonus points for the life preserver mirror. 

9.) Hang your curtains using rope. 

It doesn't matter if you're using rope as the curtain rod...

...or as the curtain hooks. 

 10.) A combination of rope and boat cleats can be used to hang pictures and mirrors.

11.) Rope and cleats also make phantastic bathroom accessories.

String up some star fish or sand dollars for a very beachy look.

12.) If you have some salvaged wood laying around you can easily make a wall shelf with rope and cleats as well.

13.) Select a few cleats and the mounting of your choice for a great coat or towel rack.

I love this painted surf board motif.

This idea would work great for your outdoor shower, no need for the mount, just attach them directly to the frame of your shower. 

14.) Old row boats can be converted into shelving or reading nooks pretty easily.

This one made an amazing little mini-bar.

 15.) A section of an old boat hull can make a great base for a coffee table.

16.) Rope can be used to support a bed too.

17.) If you don't want to turn that old dingy or canoe into a shelf then it makes a really cute herb garden or flower bed. 

18.) Use boat cleats as cabinet handles.

Perfect for your shore home kitchen or washroom. 

19.) Replace the glass in a port hatch cover with a mirror.

20.) My personal favorite from this week is this fireplace made out of a decommissioned naval mine. 

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