18 Creative & Upcycled Wall Decor Ideas


Happy Labor Day! Just as a reminder we are CLOSED on Monday, September 7th. We will resume normal hours on Tuesday, September 8th at 10:00AM.

Now that summer is coming to an end we're going to be focusing more on indoor decorating ideas. I'm going to kick off the indoor ideas with 18 creative and homemade ways to add some flair to your walls. 

1.) Use an old hand saw to make a cute key rack.

With a drill you can write your own message on a saw to turn it into a key rack.

2.) Old silver plate trays and serving platters can be hung in groups for a great look. If they are shiny they will spread more light around your room too. 

3.) An assortment of old plates and serving platters. It doesn't matter if they match, if you painted them, or if they are an eclectic mix they all look phantastic.

This assortment of blue transfer ware plates and platters fill this small space really well and look amazing on this orange wall. 

This old transfer ware really compliments this distressed dresser painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Transferware not your thing? Then paint your dishes the color of your choosing.

Mixed plates work well, whether they fit a theme or...

...are just a random assortment of colors, sizes and shapes.

4.) You can mount children's chairs to the walls to use as wall mounted plant shelves. 

5.) Put some hooks on a small picture frame you painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® for a quick and easy key rack.

6.) Take an assortment of different mirrors and paint them the same color. It doesn't matter if they are ornate, modern, vintage, antique, or plain.

7.) Get some mismatched canvas prints and arrange them in an overlapping pattern so they have the appearance of one single piece.

8.) If you're looking for a more primitive look than you can find a selection of woven baskets. 

 9.) Make a display piece out of painted spoons and silverware.

10.) Cut the tops off of suitcases and mount them on the wall to use as display shelves. 

11.) Turn old frames into shadow box shelves. Just extend the backs and paint.

12.) This collection of oars makes a great headboard for a shore home but would also look great behind a couch. 

13.) Use empty frames to display and organize your favorite pieces of jewelry.

14.) Old vinyl records are easy to find and provide a retro look that works great with modern furniture. Great for kids and young adults. 

15.) Use a selection of empty painted picture frames to highlight mirrors or just by themselves. 

 16.) You can also turn those empty frames into mounts for vertical wall planters and vases

17.) Hang bright and fun canisters on old drawer and cabinet knobs for a fun and funky way to add storage to your home. 

18.) Go all Barnes Museum! Don't be afraid to cram a ton of artwork onto those walls, and don't worry about making them match an assortment of different styles looks PHANTASTIC!

That's it for today. We hope that everybody is safely enjoying their holiday. We will be back to our regular scheduled hours on Tuesday, September 8th.

-Mike McFadden

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