Creative Upcycled Drawer Pulls, Knobs, & Handles


We're back again with another Sunday, How To blog post. This week we're going to discuss some ideas for creative pulls, knobs, and handles. Whether you are replacing the knobs on your dresser, kitchen cabinets or the handles on your drawers there are many different things you can do from everyday items.

1.) Old hemp rope and twine.

2.) Old skateboard trucks.

Even the apathetic skateboarder in your family will get excited over these pulls. 

3.) Cut up some old leather from a belt or purse strap.

4.) Make your own pulls from scratch by using loose nuts and bolts for a very modern or primitive industrial feel depending on the age of your hardware.

5.) For the gear head in your family you can use old manual window crank handle.

6.) Another idea for the automotive enthusiast is to use vintage emblems as your drawer pulls. 

7.) You can be a lot more fun with working with furniture for kids, these plastic dinosaur pulls will make any dinosaur lover happy. 

8.) Looking for something a little more primitive? You don't get much more primitive than antique railroad spikes. 

9.) We always carry vintage and antique tools and here is a great use for those tools that might not be up to snuff for work. 


10.) Screw in fuses can add a touch of color to an industrial styled piece. Or a touch of industrial to a normal piece of furniture. 

11.) You can use bottle corks for more than just making a cork board.

12.) Vintage and antique silverware can be turned into amazing drawer and cabinet pulls for your kitchen. 

Don't be afraid of a little rust. Just hit that rust with a clear coat enamel to lock it in.

13.) If you have old door handles with plates they make phantastic rustic pulls.

Looks amazing combined with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Or any rustic piece of furniture.

14.) As a baseball fan I would have loved this dresser as a kid.

15.) Use your old paint brushes for the handles of your cabinet where you store your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.


16.) This next one is similar to the rope idea. Just use some leftover fabrics to tie your own drawer pulls. 

17.) You can easily add a touch of industrial to any modern piece with these copper pipe handles. 

18.) Feeling a little more crafty? Then make your own from rocks and stones.

19.) An assortment of old valve knobs are really easy to convert into pulls.

20.) If you don't feel like making new pulls you can convert old ones by wrapping them in twine or rope. 

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