21 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Paint With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®


Don't forget that this isn't a complete list of everything we've had in the shop this week! To see every item we've received, check out our New Arrivals page on the Phantastic Phinds website! The captions below each image link directly to that items page on our website. If you have any question or would like to purchase an item please give us a call at 215-233-3325.

1.) Birdcages

From candle holders to planters there are so many things you can do with an old birdcage. But what if it's rusty, or a color you don't like? Then paint it with Chalk Paint®

2.) Birdhouses

Your birds don't have to nest in some shabby old birdhouse. Give those birds a home to be proud of.

3.) Your front door

Do you have a door that could use a new color? Don't want to strip the current finish off? Use Chalk Paint® for an easy and expensive new look for the front of your home.

4.) Candlesticks

Now that we've lived with shiny candle sticks for as long as we can remember it's time to get some color. Almost any candle stick can be painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and it looks great if you distress to let some of the original finish show through. 

Not sure what's going on with those gourds but the candle sticks look great!

A two tone project with Louis Blue & Old White.

Three different stages of repainting.

This combo of the Greek blue and the brass finish looks like a gilding paste was used. 

5.) Outdoor planters

Remember if you're painting something that is going to live outside not to use Annie Sloan Soft Wax® and use the sun curing method instead. If you don't know how to sun cure please stop by or call 215-233-3325 for a quick little lesson. 

Even basic terracotta pots can be given a totally new look with some Chalk Paint®. Some coarse sand paper was used to give them the chippy look.

This brass planter was painted with French Linen and distressed to let the brass show through. 

6.) Jewelry Boxes

These little jewelry boxes are usally a boring maple or oak color that don't really work with today's style. So here's an easy way to keep that old jewelry box you had as a kid without throwing off your whole decor.

Some of these may even be plastic but nobody will know but you. 

7.) Chandeliers

Does your house have an old stale chandelier from times past? Don't even bother taking it down, just drop cloth your floor and paint it where it hangs. 

8.) Glass Vases

Clear glass vases are everywhere. Whether you have them lying around from the florist or you picked some up at your local consignment shop they are so easy to find and restyle. 

9.) Baskets and Woven items

Painting wicker and woven items can be a pain but boy is it worth it. 

10.) Bottles & Jars

You can take your old liquor bottles and turn them in to fancy decanters. 

11.) Lamps

Everybody has an old brass or bronze lamp that does not fit your new decor. So get the chalk paint ready and add some color to your new room. You can even paint the shade if you like. 

Distress it a little bit to let the old finish show through. 

A shiny old lamp now has a very modern look.

Don't be afraid to use more than one color.

Now it's time to find a colorful shade to match your colorful new lamp!

12.) Pillows

Throw pillows are easy to find and even easier to restyle with some Chalk Paint®

13.) Lanterns

Who said all lanterns have to have a brass or bronze finish?

14.) Curtains

Having trouble finding the right color curtains? Then find some inexpensive plain white ones and dye them your self.

15.) Rugs & carpets

You can either paint directly or water your paint down to use it as a dye.

This one is actually an official Annie Sloan product from her blog.

16.) Birdbaths

Sometimes birdbaths can get covered in all types of moss, dirt, and filth. This look has a fantastic patina that can help hide normal wear and tear. 

 17.) Window frames

It doesn't matter if you intend on repurposing or putting them back into the window. Wooden window frames look amazing with Chalk Paint®

This one uses both Chalk Paint® & chalk board paint. 

18.) Buckets & Pails

Old galvanized pails may be rusted and in need of a fresh coat. Just sand down the rust and paint!

Scratch some paint off to let the bronze or brass finish show through your Chalk Paint®

19.) Pumpkins

Have the most stylish pumpkins on the block.

20.) Appliances

This modern washer & drier set now has a 1950's atomic era look.

This one is a little more complicated because it adds the French provincial style trim

Here's your standard stainless steel fridge completely redone. 

21.) Even toilets!!

Some Chalk Paint® and stenciling can revamp that old toilet in the basement or guest room.

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