20 DIY Birdhouses, Feeders & Baths From Repurposed Items


Just because summer is winding down doesn't mean that you can't keep improving your back yard, porch, or patio. Our feathered friends like repurposed goodies just as much as we do. Most of these items can be found here at Phantastic Phinds.

1.) You can make a quick and easy birdhouse out of an old teapot.

Just turn the pot on it's side and drill a hole to hang.

Or mount it to a "L" frame

You can even mount it directly to the wall.

Use some copper wire to hang and make a perch for those little guys.

2.) The outer housing from an old Stanley Thermos is easy to convert.

Add your own flare, whether it's a bunt pan...

Or scrolling wires.

3.) Old food tins are just as easy to convert and add a great vintage look.

An old drawer pull or cabinet knob makes a great perch.

4.) Most people don't even have a home phone anymore let alone have a use for an old rotary phone. Remove the guts and it can be easily turned into a bird house.

5.) You can spruce up your regular old bird house by using an old door plate and knob as the entry way.

6.) Find some old hard cover books and build the house from scratch.

7.) Find a rusty old watering can, hit it with some good spray paint (or don't) to make an amazing birdhouse that will be right at home in your garden.

8.) If you have a vintage license plate it can make a great roof or just use it to add some vintage flair.

This is more like a vintage bird condo

9.) Spare terra cotta planters can be turned upside down and drilled to make an easy & paintable birdhouse. Just use the saucer to close up the bottom.

10.) If you have an unused cigar box you can mount them easily to fences, garages, and the side of your house. I would recommend coating with a waterproof clear coat to protect the wood from the elements. 

11.) If you have a way to drill or cut through metal than pick up a retro, vintage or antique coffee pot. Bonus points if you go chrome!

Not only do birds need a place to rest their wings, but they also need to eat. Remember that if you set up a bird feeding station you need to keep it stocked all year round. Birds can come to depend on your feeding station. 

12.) Colorful bottles can be repurposed into hummingbird feeders. It's easy to do and can add some great color to your yard.

Red bottles work just as well.

13.) With some chain or rope and an old gravy boat, you can make a great hanging feeder, just watch out for those pesky squirrels.

14.) Glue a teacup on it's side to the saucer and then use the handle to hang it from a tree or cast iron shepherd's hook.

Or just mount it to a stand of your choosing, an old candle stick works great for this.

15.) Remove the glass panes from an old candle lantern and put some feed where the candle would go. Paint or don't paint depending on your style, I personally prefer the look of rustic iron.

16.) This is a different take on the tea cup idea. It also needs a wall mounted lighting sconce. You can either find a single one, but I love this double tea cup bird feeder. Mount it directly to a tree, post, fence, or house.

Now that your birds are fed and housed, it's time to get them clean. Here are some ideas for fun & homemade bird baths.

 17.) Break out the glue gun and some colorful vases and plates.

A variety of inexpensive glassware is stacked together.

Not as colorful but it's very functional. 

 18.) Use an old lamp as the base for your new bird bath.

19.) Paint and stack some terra cotta or plastic planters for a combination bird bath & feeder.

Thanks for reading and remember if you have any project questions please feel free to give us a call at 215-233-3325.

-Mike McFadden

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