10 Ideas For Repurposing Old Sewing Machines


Almost everybody has an old sewing machine laying around. The old singer manual machines with the metal bases have many many uses. You can find easy DIY projects with the machine itself, the drawers, the base, and even the whole thing. Here are 10 different ideas for repurposing manual sewing machines.

1.) Now that you have disassembled your machine you are ready to start turning the salvageable pieces into usable home decor. With some drilling and a little electrical work you can make a great little lamp with a wonderful country feel.

More modern machines work well too, just remember to use a more modern shade.

2.) Have enough lamps? Then saw that old machine in half for a really great set of home made bookends.

3.) Now that you've given new life to the machine, it's time to reuse those drawers. The easiest is to just mount them on the wall for fun rustic shelving. Whether it's for the kids, crafts, or wine it is really an amazing look.


4.) You don't even need to mount them on the wall, you can just stack them, paint them, or even add little feet and use them for storage.

This one saves the housing and works phantastic as a organizer for your coffee supplies.

Add some cute little legs and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® for an amazing way to declutter your kitchen.

Just look at this little planter, it even holds the gardening tools. 

5.) Keep the housing intact and make a small floor standing wine rack.

Bonus if you use it as a plant stand too.

6.) Combine sets of drawers for an apothecary type cabinet or table. 

7.) Now that you're left with just the base it's time to put it to use. 

Find an old vanity cabinet and make a great station for makeup and jewelry.

8.) Make a hall or console table by mounting a unique top to your cast iron sewing machine base. 

An old bottle crate can make a great table top. 

Another great use for old printers tray drawers.

This is more of an outdoor style bar table but could work in the right room indoors too. 

They are the perfect size for a small writing desk or laptop work station. 

This one would make an cute little register stand for a small shop.

9.) You can leave the machine mostly intact and make a truly wonderful sink or vanity for your bathroom.

With some pluming a vessel sink can have both a touch of antique and modern. 

Don't be afraid to use the actual machine if you didn't turn it into a lamp or bookends. 

To really utilize the country look you can tile the top and use some old brass fixtures. 

This one only utilizes the cast iron base but makes several different styles blend into one awesome result. 

You can retain the majority of the sewing machine and repurpose it into something entirely new.

10.) You can use the base and mount the planter of your choice for an amazing outdoor plant stand.

The galvanized metal pail matches the rustic cast iron very well.

Feel free to paint some crates too!

Or just use a vintage one. 

Mount one of the old drawers above it!

You can even use old window boxes.

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