11 DIY Patriotic Decorating Ideas & Fun Crafts


Happy 4th of July everybody. We hope that you have lots of safe fun planned for this weekend. For those of you who are entertaining or just feeling especially patriotic this year we have some great ideas to add some fun and inexpensive red white and blue for to your home or back yard BBQ. We are open Friday July 3rd from 10AM to 6PM and closed on July 4th.

1.) Painted Mason jars for utensils or just decoration. These are super easy to do and also make great crafts & souvenirs for the little ones. 

2.) Use bandannas to cover your food in great Americana style. 

3.) Let the kids paint some rocks and stones to add some color to your garden.

4.) Use an old box to create a fun storage box for your poppers.

5.) Old railway lanterns add a great touch to any 4th of July display.

 6.)Paint the glass on an old window frame to make your own upcycled American flag.

7.) You can also mount an old flag behind the glass for a display case look.

8.) Old buckets and pails can be repurposed with a little paint into an ice bucket that will be the talk of your party.

9.) Have some old, worn jeans that you're not wearing any more? Cut the pockets out and make a cute USA banner. 

10.) Old soup cans can be decorated into utensil & candle holders just as easily as jars.

11.) Paint an old bench in an American flag motif.

Stay safe this weekend and have fun. We'll be back on Monday July 6th.

-Mike McFadden


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