Creative Upcycling Ideas for Your Back Yard & Patio

I had so much fun writing last weeks creative BBQ ideas blog that I decided to do another one with a similar theme. This week we're going to give some ideas for patio and back yard creations from second hand materials. Most of the items can be found at Phantastic Phinds at any time. 

1.) Make an outdoor hall tree or beverage station out of an old door and some wall mounted shelving.

This one utilizes an old kitchen island.

I think I see some old banister posts on this one. 

2.) You can make easy lanterns with Christmas lights and ball jars. 

Or just fill an old lantern up with those Christmas lights. 

3.) There are many different ways to reuse old bottles to add some rustic color to your back yard.


Old wine and liquor bottles make great oil lanterns or hanging lamps.
Stick them upside down in the ground for a great garden perimeter. 

Or make a very colorful privacy screen.

 4.) Window shutters can be repurposed into a number of different things for the patio and or back yard.

They can make a phantastic vertical succulent garden. 

Or find a variety of them or a unique fence or privacy screen.

5.) Old wooden doors have many uses besides the first idea of the outdoor hall tree. 

This light blue painted door looks great next to the darker blue window and adds some nice color to a plain pine fence.

Or go bright and add some pop.

6.) Have an old chair around with bad legs? Put that lazy chair back to work!

They can make a great tree swing if you don't feel like going with the tired tire method.

Or just attach it to a stump for a unique and awesome back yard seat.

Even works with rockers with a bad seat!

7.) Pallets make easy patio furniture than can withstand the elements. Try using vinegar and steal wool to give you pallet a vintage / aged look.

8.) Use an old dresser to make an herb garden.

9.) A metal bakers rack doesn't have to stay in the kitchen. Most come painted and are ready to brave the elements if you want to transition it into a potting station for all of your garden tools and plants.

Don't have a garden? Make it a drink station for your porch!

10.) You can make succulent gardens out of almost anything.

Like this old farm table.

Even old toys because succulents don't need much dirt.

 11.) Colorful kitchen utensils make great planters and can add some bright colors to your already great gardens. 

Especially when paired with colorful surfaces.

12.) Old china and dinner ware can be mounted to a garage or cabana for a unique way to spruce up a plain wall or fence.

 13.) Glue tea cups & saucers to old lighting fixtures for homemade plant fixtures.

 14.) Make glass garden flowers out of old dinnerware and serving pieces.

15.) Everybody knows that barrels make amazing planters but did you know that they also make the cutest dog houses?

Look at him! So cute!

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope I gave you some good ideas to get creative in the back yard this summer.

-Mike McFadden

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