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Campaign Furniture

Originally campaign furniture was furniture that was made for travel. Historically most antique campaign furniture was used for military campaigns, hence the name campaign furniture. Most of today's campaign furniture is not designed for travel but rather to imitate the style of portable or stack-able furniture. Some historic campaign furniture can be linked to the times of Julius Caesar, but it is most commonly associated with the British Empire. 

Antique two piece stacking campaign chest of drawers.

True campaign furniture saw a demise in the late 19th century and was revitalized in the 1970's with campaign style furniture from phantastic manufacturers like Henredon, Thomasville, and Drexel.

We recently received an incredible set of Henredon Artefacts campaign style bedroom furniture. 

Henredon Artefacts Campaign Style Double Pedestal Desk

Henredon Campaign Style Nightstand w/ Outlet

Henredon Artefacts Campaign Style 7 Drawer Dresser

Henredon Campaign Style Chest / Dresser

While these Henredon Artefacts pieces are super solid and beautiful as they are, I'm going to give you some ideas on how to modernize them and fit them in to your eclectic homes. 

A pure white finish really highlights the brass hardware.

Can work as feminine or masculine.

Using a two tone black & white finish give these pieces a very modern look.

The inverse works well too. 

Into paint mixing? Then create 3 different grays and have a gradient dresser. (You could do this entire project with just Old White & Graphite Chalk Paint®. Just mix the two together to make 3 different tones of gray and then paint the outside in Old White. 

Bright colors work great on campaign furniture especially if you combine with white. 

A phantastic changing table / kids dresser.

The stark contrast between the plain white and the bold Navy Blue look great.

Or just go all blue and let the hardware do the contrasting. 

The best part about painting  your own furniture is being able to match other pieces to the same color. Find an old mirror and paint it to match. 

Take the center drawer out for your cable box, video game console, etc.

Those of you that follow the blog know how much I love the paint and natural stain look when refinishing furniture. Well campaign furniture is no exception to my rule. 

The atomic era green adds a phantasic retro look to an already retro piece of furniture.

I normally love the look of old hardware with patina, but I also love the green and gray combination on this 7 drawer dresser. 

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