Ideas For Repurposing Old Ladders


Today we're going to be talking about creative uses  for your old ladders. If you have an old ladder that you don't feel like repurposing then give us a call and maybe we can fit it in for consignment. 
Ladders work great in the garden or patio.
Mount a bird house to the top and paint the ladder to match for a change of pace from the standard post mounted birdhouse. 

You can also use it as a stand to highlight your favorite plants.

Looks especially great if you repurpose old teapots and pans as planters.

Combine the first two ideas and put bird houses and plants on the same ladder. 
Hanging Pot Racks & Kitchen Storage

This is my personal favorite idea. It works especially well with small 3 or 4 rung ladders. 

Lighting and Chandeliers

Mount your ladder to the ceiling just like a pot rack but then hang lamps or lanterns

You can turn old mason jars into little lamps for an even more rustic look.

Jars also work great for little homemade candle lanterns.

Or just hang the ladder upside down and wrap it in Christmas lights. 

You can mount them directly to the wall as a great display shelf. 
Add some shabby chic frames and signs for a great look@

A couple of hooks can make it a great bathroom shelf. 
Or keep it books only

Lean your old ladder against the wall for a number of different storage uses.

Tie scarfs for neckties in loops for easy and colorful storage or retail displays. 

Give your ladder a white wash paint job and use it in your bathroom for hanging towels.

What works in the garden usually can work inside too. 
A combination of plants books and pictures is a great look!

Or just books. 

Even works as a retail display!

Have a three piece folding ladder? Add some boards or planks for a great shelf or etagere.

Phantastic storage for your heels. 

Or your jewelry
This one wins most unique and out of the box idea. Hang your home grown herbs to dry them out. 

If you're feeling a little more adventurous you can make a coffee table. 
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