6 Creative Ideas for Repurposing Old Cameras


Some New Arrivals below feature story

1. Turn your old camera into a cell phone charging station.

This charger is compact enough to fit anywhere!

Doesn't this look almost like a vintage turntable?

They don't make chargers in these colors! Make one yourself!

2. Your old box camera can make a great night light.

Perfect nightlight for a game room!

A blue night light? Yes, please!

3. They also make Phantastic lamps.

You can even use your old negatives as a shade!

Keep with the theme by finding a camera motif shade or making one yourself!

You can combine multiple cameras in one lamp!

A vintage wooden tripod adds a very different look!

Even your old tripod can be used to give your new lamp a little height!

4. You can even turn your camera into an awesome little clock. 

Put this clock on your mantel for a wonderful focal piece!

A vintage camera with a little repurposing,can make an art deco clock!

You can find hands in all different covers to fit your tastes!

Have a clock that is uniquely yours!

5. You can also find some other stuff that needs repurposing and make a robot. 

The domino feet add even more fun! Use a pair as book ends!

Have you ever seen a robot like this one?

6. Turn your camera into a picture or business card holder.

Because we could all use as much fun as possible in the office!


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