13 Creative Ideas for Homemade & Upcycled Lamps


Today we have 13 creative ideas for unique, homemade, and upcycled lamps.  Many of these items can be found in our shop.

Use your old kitchen utensils and serving pieces.

1. Old Cheese Graters

Old cheese graters work phantasticly. They are also one of the simplest ways to get started. 

Hang them on a board for a great home made chandelier.

2. Vintage or colorful colanders.

Old colanders work very well too. 

They can cast great light patterns on your ceilings and walls. 

If you have a bunch make a large chandelier.

Or a great wall mounted display. 

3. Combine Colanders and Cheese Graters

Combine the first two ideas and use a colander and a cheese grater.

This one even adds a round baking pan as the base. 

4. Tea Pots and Vintage Coffee Percolators

Keeping the colander shade going on this really cool percolator lamp. 00057661

These old percolators work great because some of them already have the wiring partially set up. 

Just find  the right shade and you are all set. 

Handmade shades look great too. 

Even porcelain and ceramic can be drilled. 

5. Drilled Metal Coffee and Tea Pots 

These two are possibly my two favorite lamps from this whole post. 

Just be creative and drill different sized holes in your own unique pattern. 

Don't forget the tea cups.

6. Hanging Mason Jar Lamps

Hanging in a stepped spiral pattern is a great look, also it's easy to do. 

7. Old Film & Photography Equipment

This projector looks amazing with the lamp attached.

Old bellows cameras look great. Decoupage some old photos to your shade. 

Or go a different route and decoupage old camera ads to  your shade instead. 

8. Make a Lamp Shade out of Old Photo Slides

9. Lamps and Lamp Shades Made Out of Old Cassette Tapes

Make a cube and use it as a lamp globe...

...or as a hanging chandelier. 

Making a tower lamp works great especially with colored bulbs. 

10. Make a Chandelier out of Surplus Clothes Hangers. 

Wood or plastic, they both look great and would be a phantastic addition to any retail clothing shop. 

11. Cut an Old Globe in Half for an Easy Lamp Shade. 

This one still utilizes the original globe base. 

12. Vintage and Antique Glass Electric Insulators.

Unfortunately the old porcelain and ceramic insulators won't work here but the glass ones will, especially the blue ones. 

13. Rustic Key Plate Chandelier.

Make a circle with old key plates for some great key hole shaped light casts. 

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