Repurposing Old Windows


You can drill some hooks into the bottom and mount it in your entry way as a key or coat rack.

This one has the silhouette of birds and a bare tree for a rather ominous feeling.  

This window has small sections of wall paper in the panes and 4 different knobs/drawer pulls for your keys or coat.

Love the look of the unfinished shelf with the shabby chic look of the old window. 

This one utilizes the contrast of of the black and white very well. 

They also make amazing tables and if you add hinges you can store things under the glass.

Just attach it to an old coffee table. 

Or use some spare legs

Or just any piece of wood you have laying around.

Pick up a can of Chalk Board Paint(not Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®) and turn your old window into a sectioned chalk board.

Not sure who has the time to plan out a week's worth of dinners but I love their organizational skills.

Have 9 panels? Then turn your old window into a weekly planner.

Replace some of the glass with cork board for pinning notes, mail, recipes, etc.

Use chicken wire instead and clip your notes, pictures, etc instead. Clothes pins work great for this. 

Or just combine the two ideas.  

You can do white boards too.

Don't feel like using Chalk Board Paint? Then just use a white board marker or a grease pencil to write instead.(You can clean grease pencil off of glass very easily with Windex and a razor blade.) 

There are many great ways to turn a discarded window into a picture frame.

You can just mount small family photos behind the window glass.

Or use artistic photos instead.

You can also blow up one single photograph to use. 

Wedding photos seem to be popular in this style. 

Use string or wire like the chicken wire above to hang photos with clips or clothes pins. 

Old windows can even be repurposed in the garden.


Ad some hinges & windows to your flower beds to turn them into a hot bed to get a head start on your gardening. 

Have a lot of windows? Then just build a greenhouse. 

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