Repurposing Old Dishes & China


Everybody has some spare dishes laying around. Whether they are dirty, cracked, chipped or just too ugly for your tastes there is always a new purpose for them.  So don't toss those old dishes turn them into something new. 

Combining old dishes and candle sticks can make great tiered plates for storing jewelry, serving food or whatever you can imagine.

Pick up some black chalk board paint(not Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®) and paint the center to make a unique and fun chalk board for family messages or to do lists. 

The same concept works but add a round mirror to the center of your old plate or serving tray for a different type of wall mirror. 

You can add to the existing design by painting or drawing something of your own.

Stencil some letters on a series of plates to spell your favorite words or initials of your children.
Print a skull pattern on your grandmothers old china for a youthful look.

With patience, care, and the right drill bit you can drill right thought old plates and saucers to make three tiered serving dishes.  Don't be afraid to use contrasting patterns.  

Have twelve different teacups and saucers laying around? Then make a teacup clock. Just mount on any board or surface you have available. 

It's time to break out that ceramic drill bit again to make some cute bird feeders for your back yard or garden.

Use the same concept but turn them upside down and add some hanging crystals for some great sun catchers to hang by your porch.

Here's a double. Find a use for that old chandelier or candelabra and your old plates. With some paint and glue 

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