Repurposing Wooden Crates

Old wooden crates can be stacked to create custom etagere to fit any space you may have.

Uniform crates can be hard to find in bulk but the end result is great. 

Stacking square crates can make nice thin shelves.

Don't have enough to stack? Then just mount your crates directly on the wall instead.

You can add legs to make benches, coffee tables, side tables, book cases and much more.

This vintage Pepsi-Cola crate looks great with legs and a southwest motif cushion.

Use the existing dividers to separate your new bookshelf. 

Vintage hairpin legs are available all over online.

I love the look of these metal pipe style legs and feet.

These yellow legs match the yellow of this Coca-Cola crate perfectly. Somewhere there is an old pair of legs for any crate. 

Wooden crates can also be fashioned to your vintage bicycle to use as a basket.

Front or back it looks great either way.

Old crates can still be used for their original function, storage. Here are some idea's on creative storage uses. 

Casters and an upholstered top turned this old crate into a great mobile toy chest.

Same thing for this shoe storage bench.
Paint your crate and use the existing divider to store your favorite varieties of wine.

Considering we have been dreaming of spring's arrival lately I'm going to wrap up this post with some green thoughts of spring. Old crates make phantastic planter boxes. 

Stay warm and keep looking forward to spring.

-Mike McFadden


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