Current Favorite Items: Ariel

With all of the items we have in the store, it is impossible not to pick a few favorites. Here are just a few of mine:

The Wonderful World of Oz: A Commemorative Pop-Up

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We all know the The Wonderful World of Oz's many iterations: the children's novel, the movie, and the Broadway play. This classic part of our childhood has been condensed and illustrated in a pop-up book published 100 years after the original novel. The beautiful illustrations extend throughout the book an include touches of sparkling colored foil and Emerald City glasses.

U.S. Army Issue WWII Wollensak Binoculars, M5 6x30

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Serial No. 32796
Patent No. 2,079,890

Wollensak patented its new "prism" binoculars in 1937. The M5 was commonly used in the military as it was lightweight, compact, and inexpensive to manufacture. This beautiful example is a must-have for any military or history buff.

Set of Glasses and Musical Decanter "How Dry I Am"

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This glass and decanter set is made of amber glass and metal. Not only is the color beautiful, the decanter plays "How Dry Am I?" when lifted. It is a great conversation piece that is also functional, and would make a wonderful present for anyone who enjoys a good drink!

Silver Plated Four Piece Tea Service

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This vintage Leonard tea set includes a teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl on a tray. It has beautiful detail on the handles, feet, and spout, as well as intricate designs on the tray. Elegant and yet understated, it would add a wonderful touch to any formal living area.

Betty Boop Bed of Roses Tin Tote

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Who doesn't love Betty Boop? This piece with our favorite sassy animated cartoon character, marketed originally as a "tin tote," would make a wonderful retro lunchbox.

3 Panel Room Divider with Stenciling

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This stenciled divider is perfect for creating a little privacy. The stenciling, while beautiful, is subtle enough to separate different areas in your house without clashing with decor. It is excellent for dividing a bedroom that is shared or cordoning off a bedroom area in a studio apartment.

Blue and White Distressed China Hutch

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Perfect for a kitchen or dining room with a lot of space but not enough cabinets, this hutch has storage room to spare! The glass cabinets can be used for display, while the bottom half functions both as a buffet top and storage area for pots, pans, or anything else. This country style hutch will make any house feel more homey!

Glass Masonry Block

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Glass masonry blocks are often used to build walls or floors, as they provide visual obscuration, but let in little light. However, they can be repurposed as windows, furniture, or just fun decorations! Here are some examples:

These repurposed glass architectural blocks are perfect for anyone who wants to have some fun and get creative! We currently have seven in the store.

Glass Top Wrought Iron Table w/ Four Chairs

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The best part of this wrought iron table and chair set is that it's versatility: it would be perfect outside or inside! For those of us who like a little breakfast nook in our kitchens, but don't have much room, this table can be set up for two without taking up much space, but would also help you make the most out of a backyard or small deck

Vintage Brushed Chrome Kokopelli Statue

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Kokopelli has been adopted by many as a broad symbol of the American Southwest. However, in Native American culture, he was believed to be the god of fertility, the trickster god, and a representative of the spirit of music and communication. The stories and interpretations of the role of Kokopelli spans back to at least 750 AD. This statue is a beautiful rendering of an ancient deity that is still venerated today among many peoples.

I could keep going, as everyday I find a new piece to love! Take a look through our website, and I bet you'll feel the same!

-Ariel Natalo-Lifton

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