Featured Item: Vintage Ironrite Model 88

Featured Item: Vintage Ironrite Model 88

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Ironrite was founded in the early part of the twentieth century by Herman A. Sperlich and Johannes M. Uhling in Detroit before moving to Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Their factory provided over 400 jobs until its doors were closed in the late 1950s. Sperlich amassed over 14 patents on the Ironrite alone, for both the interior and exterior.

Ironrite Advertisement

Advertisements touted leisure: the Ironrite would allow a housewife to get her work done in much less time. And while mechanical ironing devices predated Sperlich and Uling's version, the Ironrite was an affordable devices whose target market was the post-war, middle-class family.

Ironrite Model 85 (The most common one).

The Ironrite Model 88 is somewhat rarer than the other models. It is the basic machine encased in a wood-tone cabinet that resembles a waterfall chest of drawers. When it came out, the Model 88 didn't sell particularly well, perhaps because the white porcelain case was more aesthetically pleasing or easier to clean.

Ironrite Model 95 (Space-age version)
The Ironrite Model 88 which we have in store not only still works, but it is in excellent condition. Come in and see for yourself!

-Ariel Natalo-Lifton

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