Featured Item: Breuninger Dairy Milk Jug

Featured Item: Breuninger Dairy Milk Jug

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Breuninger Dairy was founded in 1886 in North Philadelphia with one man, Adolph Breuninger, a horse, and a dairy wagon. It moved to Southampton in 1912, where it remained. At the time, dairies were a seven day a week business with thousands of routes.

In 1957, 63.3 percent of homes used milk delivery. By 1963, that number had dropped to 52.8, and then to 47.5 in 1965. In 1985, nearing the dairy's 100 year anniversary, approximately 1.3 percent of people used home delivery and the company had only 25 routes serving about 7,500 homes. At this point, only 5% of Breuninger's business was home delivery and 95% was wholesale, almost opposite of the percentages only 40 years earlier.

In 1996, Quality/Breuninger merged with Balford, a New Jersey based company. They no longer do home delivery service, but are certainly a part of the Philadelphia area's rich history. This rustic milk jug is just a part of that story.

-Ariel Natalo-Lifton

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