H.T. Cusman Furniture Company

This week I wanted to highlight some beautiful Hard Maple, H.T. Cushman Colonial Creations furniture pieces.

Cushman Hard Maple 4 Drawer Dresser

Cushman Hard Maple 3 Drawer Dresser

Vintage Cushman Hard Maple Round Coffee Table

Cushman - Colonial Creations Game Table

Cushman Hard Maple 2 Tier Step End Table

Cushman - Colonial Hard Maple - Sold

The chair above from a 1940's Cushman catalog.  
The H.T. Cusman Manufacturing company was founded by Henry Theodore Cushman in the time after the American Civil War in North Bennington, Vermont. Cushman originally invented the pencil eraser although he sold the patent for royalties. H.T. Cushman moved into furniture production in 1892 and they continued to manufacture quality furniture until they were purchased by Green Mountain Furniture in 1971.

The original factory in North Bennington circa 1900.

Factory workers ready to start. Circa 1920.

In the 1920's and 30's Cushman manufactured and sold one of the most popular lines of smokers.

Frank Tanner operating a lathe. By Reuben Green

Factory Workers in 1971 when purchased by Green Mountain Furniture.

Factory Worker in 1971 when purchased by Green Mountain Furniture. 

Tables ready for shipment.

The same chair from above on display in the Cushman Display House in 1949.

If you are in the market for some really strong well built pieces that have a little bit of American history behind them then don't wait. Stop by Phantastic Phinds today!!

- Mike McFadden

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