The Jenna Awards

The Jenna Awards

Hi Folks! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I announced my last Jenna Awards from Phantastic Phinds!  This past Sunday, a group of my friends and I dressed up "American Hustle Style" and went to an Academy Awards viewing party at the Ambler Theater! Besides watching the "beautiful people" on the red carpet, I always look forward to the acceptance speeches.  Some are funny, some patriotic, and some are so rehearsed, they should receive an award for their speech alone! But I digress...back to what's going on in the REAL world of Phantastic Phinds! I took the liberty this morning,walked the store, and chose what I believe is the BEST of the BEST in several categories.  So without further adieu, on to the Jenna Awards, and my humble choices!


Global Views Metal Sunburst Mirror

This love came in with a mate, and quickly, the mate was gobbled up! She is lovely, solid, a little weathered, but very, very cool! Congrats to the BEST REFLECTION in the house!


Spanish Beach Scene

This winner needs NO introduction....IT'S A BEACH SCENE!!  Enough said.
Congrats beach scene, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Meyda Tiffany 20" Round Chandelier Lamp

Speaking of movies...Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic.  So is this Tiffany Lamp. True. Blue. Beauty!
Bring it home and let it light up your world!

BEST CHACHKI (knicknack)
Set of 2 Chicken Wire Ballet Shoes

OMG, so CUTE!  These little planters/wall hanging came to us without ribbon.  We normally do not enhance any items, however, I just needed to add some ribbon to this precious pair.  VOILA!  What a little cotton twine will do!  Hands and feet down, they get my vote!


Beautiful Yew Breakfront China Hutch

We have been admiring this beautiful China Cabinet here at Phantastic Phinds for about a week.  It's a grand piece of furniture that will look exquisite in any large dinning area. Glass shelving, yew wood, and a silver drawer complete this lovely gem!  It is clearly deserving of the BEST FURNITURE in my humble opinion!

That about wraps up the Jenna Awards for 2014!  I hope you enjoyed this quick posting.  Please visit our store or check out the full line up on our website  Enjoy your day!


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