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I would like to introduce a new feature to our blog, the weekly featured item. These featured item posts will provide an in depth look into an item and its history.

This weeks featured item is our Milwaukee Chair Company mahogany and birch office chair.

The Milwaukee Chair Company was founded in 1869 by John C. Spencer and James C. Spencer. They initially produced well made household chairs featuring double-dowel construction. In 1889 Milwaukee Chair Company began a relationship with the United States govenment that would last until 1940. During this time they provided all chairs for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Advertisement from 1912

On October 28th, 1892 the Milwaukee Chair Company's factory was destroyed during a devastating fire that destroyed over 16 square blocks in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Only 3 years after beginning to supply chairs for the US Congress they were not going to be put out by fire. A new factory was built and a new chair was released shortly after. The Milwaukee Health Comfort Chair was released.

The Milwaukee Health Comfort Chair

The Health Comfort Chair was one of the first ergonomic office chairs to reach mass production. They even claimed that the results of a study proved that this chair doubled productivity.

Advertisement from 1912
By 1929 Milwaukee Chair Company had secured large contracts with the US Government, Wisconsin State Government, and various hotels. In 1929 they claimed to have produced and sold over 5,000,000 chairs.

Advertisement from 1912

Well one of those 5,000,000 chairs is still alive and for sale at Phantastic Phinds. It is currently 25% off at $94.50 and you can view more information here.

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