Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

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We are always getting asked about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan on Fabric. Yes, it is true, you CAN paint fabric! (and dye it too) with Chalk Paint®
(See Annie Sloan's Color Recipes Book for dying fabric)

We have these two chairs that were split apart from their set and never sold, so I decided to paint them in bold Emperor Silk Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to show all of you how EASY it is! Truly! 

I opened the can, grabbed my (favorite!) Medium Annie Sloan paint brush and got to work. 

The trick when painting fabric is to add just the littlest bit of water to the paint to help thin it a bit. This is not a requirement, you can just apply the paint straight on BUT the idea is that you are essentially dying the fabric not saturating it with paint so thinning it a bit helps it go on the top layer of the fabric easily. 

Here is the finished chair. A nice bold, beautiful Emperor Silk red! The next step is to wax. Yes, wax fabric. When you wax painted fabric it gives the piece a leathery look and feel. If you choose not to wax, that's ok too. 

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 Scroll down to see how the Painted Chair turns out!

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