Round Up: DIY Gift Ideas!

Hello everyone!

It's the Phantastic Phinds Pinterest addict (Meghan) back with another round up of inspiring ideas. Today, we're talking DIY gift ideas. I know it's a little early, but for someone that makes 90% of the gifts she gives, I like to get a jump start on things. It's not just holiday gifts for loved ones, either. There are co-workers, teachers and hostess/host gifts! So I pulled together a list of DIYs that are inspiring me right now in the hopes that you find some inspiration, too.

Last year one of our consignors, Kate, gifted me with a red crochet flower on a pin! I LOVE crochet flowers, and I can crochet, I just never make them! It was one of my favorite things to receive last year and I think it would be a great gift on it's own or as a present topper. The link will take you to a whole list of crochet flowers to try.

I am a tote bag fiend, and I know a lot of other people who are as well. These cute cloth alternatives to grocery and shopping bags make great gifts (and great purses). This DIY was found on the Country Living website and it's super cute- look at that owl and deer one!

My friends and I are all avid readers and we all have devices, mostly Nooks. This cool case idea would be amazing made from a recycled book cover - we get a lot of hard cover books in the shop where the cover is in great shape but the pages are falling to pieces. Recycle them into a device cover for a cool DIY gift!

Get ready for stuff in jars, because I LOVE a good mason jar present. For the dog lover and pet owner, how about a jar full of treats for the furry family members?

Or some cookie mix! This is super cute and would be a great hostess gift - click the link to go to, they have tons of variations on this jar DIY.

I love silhouettes and these would be super easy- find some cool mini cheap frames, pop out the picture, and add your own cool cameo! Do you have a friend that has a pet or favorite animal? What about a cool quote? This would be a great gift, and if you're not sure about how to stencil something like this, I've done TWO tutorials for Phantastic Phinds (Sherlock and Liberty Bell).

A wall hung plaque with an inspirational quote can lift the spirits all year long!

One more stenciling gift idea- every year my brothers and father all ask for the same thing: Tee shirts! That's right! Every year I make them each a custom tee shirt with a stenciled design on it. This year, I know a family member who is expecting a little guy shortly after the holiday and this would make a GREAT little present to send to her! Tee shirts, onesies and tote bags are easy to paint, a fun project to do and a very heartwarming present. Or use our stenciling tutorials to update jeans, cardigans or wall hung plates. With stenciling, everything can be personalized.

Another cool jar gift idea is this - look closely! It's a jar (filled with candy) mounted on a vase! The vase and the lid to the jar were painted to match which gives the whole thing an old-school candy store vibe. Check out our Cake Plate DIY for tips on how to do a project like this.


One more jar DIY! And it's not food! My mom got me one of these mason jar cups last year and it's been my favorite water cup since. I use it every day. I love that it has a hole for straws and it's super cute filled with the little nail polishes and lip balms. Here is a tutorial on how to make the lid: Click Here.

Don't want to drill into your favorite jar lid? Click here to buy a six pack!

Mini books are cute necklaces, cute momento books and adorable gifts. This is a great simple little tutorial that would be adorable as a present or gift topper.

Link to Gingermelon
Do you like to sew? Need some cute stocking stuffers for the little ones in your life? Check out Gingermelon's etsy store. She's got some of my favorite stuffie patterns- like the pocket pals above! LOVE her work.

One of my favorite gifts I ever received (and still have!) was a sock monkey that I named Davy Jones (he was my favorite Monkee). I love the striped variation above and a sock monkey is a super cute and easy to make gift.

Not feeling too over the top crafty? How about making a cute burlap gift card holder? The one above is a cute way to personalize a gift card without going craft crazy.

Gosh, with all these ideas I'm going to need to get started! ;-) I hope you enjoyed my round up of DIY gifts. Until next time!

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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