Phantastic Metal Filing Cabinet Update: How to Use Chalk Paint® on Metal

This posting originally ran in November of 2012 and again in April of 2013. Because of the popularity of this post, and the new readers we've become friends with, we decided to give it another run. 

I have been on a painting rampage since we started carrying Chalk Paint®. I keep looking around thinking, ohh that would look good in Barcelona Orangeoh that would be fab in Paloma, no maybe Henrietta...  So the outdated metal filing cabinets at the store got sucked right into my painting frenzy.

I was a little bored with the drab tan of the filing cabinets and really wanted to test out painting metal, since I hadn't tried yet with Chalk Paint®.

I headed into the store Sunday night to do some bookkeeping (my favorite! can you hear the sarcasm?) and decided it was a perfect time to give the cabinets a fresh coat of Antibes green with my favorite Annie Sloan paint brush - I REALLY love this brush. I wanted something bright and vibrant and Antibes is just that.

I started with one coat on each. By the time I was done the second cabinet, the first was dry and ready for the second coat. FANTASTIC! It took me all of 40 minutes to paint both pieces. Amazing! I truly think that is one of the best qualities of this paint, it saves SO MUCH time and these days it seems I have less and less and less, so I really appreciate that. You can see my brush strokes are anything but consistent, this paint self settles so it is forgiving in that aspect - and when I paint I need A LOT of forgiveness. (:

I headed in early Monday morning before the store opened to cover each cabinet with clear wax. I applied it VERY generously with my Waxwell wax brush since I wanted to make sure the finish would be very durable once the wax cured. I also have an Ultimate wax brush that I use for dark wax only, it is good to use separate wax brushes for clear and dark so you don't risk contaminating clear with any dark left over on the brush. 

Waxwell brushes are back ordered but coming to PP soon, in the meantime we have both Ultimate and Petite wax brushes. Ok, enough about brushes back to the curing process: It takes 24 hours for the wax to dry but 21-30 days for it to fully cure. It may seem like a long time but in the life of a piece of furniture, 30 days is nothing. You can use the piece over the 21-30 days but I recommend not loading stuff on top of it or inside of it or dragging anything across the top. After the curing time, the piece is very durable. Please note, the wax is alcohol soluble so it is not recommended for bar top surfaces where alcohol may be spilled.  

So this is a finished photo. Sorry for the poor quality, I only had my phone to shoot with. Tomorrow I will go in and give them a buff to add a little shine. Hmmmm, do you think a little gilding wax too?

What do you think??? I would LOVE to hear your comments below! 

Tip: When caring for furniture painted with Chalk Paint® use a clean, dry or slightly damp rag. Do not use furniture polish such as Pledge or a very strong cleaner. 

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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