Halloween Inspiration: A Decor Post

This post originally ran on October 30th, 2012, but it was just too cute not to re-share this Halloween!  We're wishing everyone a fun and safe night of tricks and treats! 
As almost everyone knows I am a punk-goth person at heart, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. So many of the decorations- from Day of the Dead sugar skulls to crow motif art- are things I would have in my home every day, not just on Halloween! When I saw that the holiday was approaching, I begged Angela to let me do an inspiration post for you guys of some of my favorite Halloween looks from Pinterest.

Originally, I had planned to do a DIY kind of like this with some tree branches and crows, but I could not find the perfect base for it so I scrapped that plan.  I would keep the faux crows and branches out all year long (or at least all autumn long) because they are creepy but chic at the same time.

For an antique or gothic look, candles are kind of a must. The great thing about candle holders is they can be left up year round and for an extra gothy touch they can be painted black or dark colors! I love how these candlesticks are draped in webby gauze, which you can take off after Halloween for a great everyday look. And these black framed mirrors are wonderful, too!

 I will admit this- I would have these kitty pillows out year round. And they would be so easy to DIY - Just some buttons and embroidery floss on a black pillow and there you go! Drape a chair in some gauze and cheese cloth and you have great seating for your costume parties.

This silhouette lamp would be wonderful with creepy sayings or ghost cut outs!

When I was searching for gothic and Halloween inspiration for you, I kept coming across people using silver ornate serving pieces and it is a great way to add a heavy metal touch to decor.
I love how subtle this porch is. It's autumn and Halloween without being over the top. You could even leave this up until after Thanksgiving.

I love this punched can DIY and I think it would be great for Halloween if you punched (instead of hearts) bats, ghosts or cats!
I would definitely leave this adorable spiderweb lamp shade up all year long. I love black painted lamps, too, because you can change the shade to fit the holiday.

 I am a huge fan of this look- and we would be able to get all of these things at the shop! Paint a tray, metal tea pot and candy dish black and carve mini pumpkins to sit inside them! How adorable?!

A skeleton terrarium. I shouldn't have to say how awesome this is. It should just speak for itself. If you aren't into having this up year round (as I would), take the bones out after the holiday and replace it with something else!
One of our Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan colors is Barcelona Orange and I'm surprised more people don't use it because it's a beautiful color. I love how it's a cheerful alternative to yellow, too. It's bright without being too sunny. This wall color reminded me of it, and I love the orange chair. And these pieces would work year round. 


I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween and if this inspires you, let us know! 

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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