No Mess with the Pour Spout Paint Lid

Hello everyone. I wanted to share a great little device that we carry in the store, the Pour Spout Lid. We sell it along with the wondrous Chalk Paint® but it can also be used on any quart size can of paint. (This is not an Annie Sloan product but a supplemental product we offer).

These are the coolest lids! Made of heavy duty plastic with a removable flip-top lid. The pour spout makes it easy to pour out your paint without making a mess along the rim of the can. There are holes on either side to aid in getting the paint to drip back nicely into the quart. The back side of the pour spout features a nice, open area that is perfect for paint brush. These lids fit VERY tightly over the top of your paint quarts.  They are both washable and reusable.

We retail these fab little guys for $4.95. They can be seen here. But let me tell you why I love them.

This is a quart of paint we use in the workshop for EVERY class. Since the classes are often fast paced we don't always have time to clean them properly before closing them and the paint tents to dry around the edges, making a bit of a mess.  (We pour the paint out and paint right out of the can too!)

 In steps the Pour Spout Lid, the lid fits very snugly around the opening of the quart. It is recommended to use a hair dryer to heat the plastic a little in order to get a really great, tight seal.

See the difference, no dried paint, no mess. AND it is easy to open too!

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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