Inspiration Round Up: A Little Graphic

Hello, It's Meghan.

As Fall settles around us, the creative juices get flowing and we all start thinking of ways to refresh our homes for the next change in season. Personally, and you probably know this, I'm a sucker for two things- 1. Painted furniture and 2. Bold graphic designs. I've got a few pieces in my home that I'm itching to paint, so I thought I'd share some inspiration with you guys.

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I LOVE the Love statue in Philly, so this Love inspired desk makes me smile!

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This giant medical inspired cross would be easy to do. Just tape off the cross and get to painting! I think I could see some medical cross pillows in my future!

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I also love these scrabble tile inspired pillows. Don't feel like doing a DIY? I linked to the etsy shop where they came from. They are very sweet. In my house, you can't ever have too many pillows.

These painted nesting tables are so darling, and again, you could very easily do this with just some painters tape. I was going to suggest a set we had in the shop for this project, but they've sold since I wrote this post!

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We get cute little crates in the shop from time to time, and we already knew about adding castors to the bottom for storage bins, but I also love the stenciling on these.
Bold graphics aren't just for little pieces. This chevron wall adds a huge statement while allowing the yellow dresser to pop out against the black and white wall. Too much? Use some painters tape and try a chevron table top or pillow.

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Graphic head boards are so cute! I adore this pallet one with "love" painted on it, and it would be so nice to have a personalized on in your own handwriting. Try it with inspirational quotes, song lyrics, or just do your name!
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This is probably a more advanced stencil project, but the end result it so wonderful it would definitely be worth it!
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More rustic head board love. I love advertising/travel things with the really old-timey graphics, so while I'm not a car person I can appreciate the beauty in this piece. It would be cool to do with an old sewing machine stencil!

This door was turned into a table and had large stenciled words painted on the top. It's a great DIY idea, and we happen to get doors in the shop sometimes, so keep it in mind if you're looking for a table.

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If you aren't feeling up to stenciling or painting, using wall paper or vintage fabric on the front of dresser drawers can spruce up an older piece with dramatic results and hardly any work!
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I hope you enjoyed this little round up of inspiration. Remember, if you have any ideas for posts you can always email us at the shop or leave comments on the blog. We love your feedback.

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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