Howard Products Naturals Marble & Granite Cleaner (Want!)

We recently placed a reorder with Howard Products, the makers of the wonderful Restore-A-Finish that we carry in the store, and we decided to try their new line of Howard Naturals. The Naturals products are just that, safe but effective, and they hold up to the Howard name by working VERY well with little effort by the user.

The new line of Howard Naturals Products includes Upholstery Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Granite & Marble Cleaner. 

Next up for your viewing pleasure is Howard Naturals Marble & Granite Cleaner. 

This adorable little marble top table just came in the shop (currently $58, link here). Although the top is in good condition it was a good opportunity for me to try out the
Howard Naturals Marble & Granite Cleaner.  That's right NATURALS - no harsh gunk! 

Here is a close up of the marble top.  You can see faint little scratches and some wear and stressing in the marble. Use that little brown fleck in the marble for your reference point.

In steps Howard Granite & Marble Cleaner, in the lovely spray bottle. 

Here is the after, see the scratches are gone and the stress marks are very faint. Gotta love this stuff! 

Stop by today and pick up a bottle!

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

Let's Do It Again!

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