Happy Fourth of July from Phantastic Phinds!

Phantastic Phinds will be closed in honor of Independence Day on Thursday July 4th, 2013. The staff would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and we will resume normal business hours on Friday July 5th. 

Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about the Fourth of July:

  • "Yankee Doodle," one of many patriotic songs in the United States, was originally sung prior to the Revolution by British military officers who mocked the unorganized and buckskin-wearing “Yankees” with whom they fought during the French and Indian War. (source)
  • The "Star Spangled Banner" wasn't written until Francis Scott Key wrote a poem stemming from observations in 1814, when the British relentlessly attacked Baltimore's Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. It was later put to music, though not decreed the official national anthem of the United States until 1931. (source)
  • Three U.S. presidents actually died on July 4. Two of them passed away within hours of each other on July 4, 1826: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The two had been political rivals and then friends later in life. The other to share the distinction was James Monroe, who died July 4, 1831. (source
  • The first Independence Day was celebrated on July 8th, 1776 as the announcement was withheld from the public for 4 days.
  • The Declaration of Independence wasn't actually completely signed until January of 1777. Thomas McKean of the State of Delaware was the last signer. 
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