Round Up: A Season of Desks

Hi guys, it's Meghan!

Angela and I thought maybe we should do a post on desks. For some reason this spring in the shop has been desk season. We have a bunch of adorable desks in right now, some small, some large, and all in varying conditions and shapes. We thought perhaps showing you some re-do ideas would inspire you, whether you need a desk now or you have one at home you'd like to re-purpose! Anything to freshen up a room and recycle at the same time, right?
1. Phantastic Phinds Only $62.50! 
2. Pinterest Inspiration

The dark wood desk to the left is a piece at Phantastic Phinds. It's a very solid desk, but it used to be leather top (which is missing) and some of the trim is missing. I love it as is, and if I had it I would leave it roughed up, but I thought it would be cool with a paint job like the one to the right. Take off the broken trim and either paint the wood top or replace it!
1. Phantastic Phinds  Only $250.00
2. Pinterest Inspiration

The oak library table/desk on the left is at Phantastic Phinds and it's in beautiful shape. It's just a lovely piece, and as-is would be perfect for a laptop or as a vanity, but you have to admit there is something charming about the white set in the inspiration picture. With a can of paint, the desk, chair and mirror that would otherwise clash become a beautiful make-up station.
1 Phantastic Phinds Only $74.25
2. Pinterest Inspiration

This little wooden desk on the left has cute lines (look at the little swirl on the front!) and interesting pulls. In a beachy two-tone like the inspiration picture it would be a great vanity or entry table.
1. Phantastic Phinds Only $125.00
2. Pinterest Inspiration

I adore the desk on the left, which is at Phantastic Phinds and is in solid shape. That color wood, though, is not my style, so I would probably go for the distressed painted look. Again, this beachy aqua color pops, and with some decorative wood accents on the drawers this piece would look really special.

Link to Item Info
I couldn't find a good inspiration picture for the desk above, which is currently priced at $99.00. Let me tell you, that is a steal for this piece. It's large, unique, narrow and while it could use some paint or refinishing, it's a beautiful desk in person. I love it. If only my house weren't the size of a shoe box (but don't we all say that sometimes?). It would be great for writing, laptops, or even crafting. I mean, look at those little shelves! Too cute!

Link to Item Info
And last we have this gorgeous antique 1860 Rosewood and Cypress Zhejiang China desk. This piece is just beautiful, and it's the type of piece that would be amazing all on it's own. Use it for computers, a super large vanity or an interesting TV stand. It's just lovely.

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We do hope this post inspired you, and if you're looking for more desks to love check out the Tables and Storage section of the Phantastic Phinds website! 

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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