Meghan's Magic Carpet Ride

Hi guys!

We were looking around the store the other day and we noticed that we have a bunch of really beautiful rugs and carpets in the store right now, so we wanted to share with you some of the lovely floor options Phantastic Phinds has in right now!

To make this post cohesive, I separated some of the rugs that we have into color groups and made little collages. You can click the link below the pictures to take you to the item's page on our website.

1. Large Braided Rag Rug , 2. Vintage Southwest Rug , 3. Royal Palace Throw Rug
This large braided rag rug has a perfect, homey feel that would be great for an every day home or even a lake or shore house! Southwest inspired things are very on trend right now, so the pinkish rug in the center would be a fun and funky alternative to the usual rug. If you aren't looking for something large, check out that small pink oval rug, which would look darling in a bathroom or even as a little accent rug.
1. Large Viscose Persian Rug , 2. Vintage Cream and Yellow Floral Rug , 3. Tommy Bahama Large Neutral Rug
My favorite rug in the store is this large viscose Persian Garden pattern rug. It's the perfect size for a small apartment and is super super soft! I don't know about you, but the first thing I do when I get home is kick off my shoes so I definitely like softer floor coverings. The pretty floral rug in the middle would be great for a vintage inspired living room, and I really like that Tommy Bahama rug on the end.
1.  Hand Knotted Wool Carpet , 2. Red Blue Tone Rug Carpet , 3. Traditions Collection Runner
The first rug, the Hand Knotted Wool Carpet, is in beautiful condition with great colors. The second rug has a classic pattern that would lend itself well to many styles of decor. And the third is a beautiful runner that would look great in a hallway. Oriental rugs, or rugs in that style, really lend a classy but still vintage look to a room while bringing in colors that allow you to change the room to fit your style. I've rounded up some "pinsperation" below to illustrate how rugs can really change your decor.

I love this pin here. The purple wall is a definite statement wall, and the rug really accents it well. You wouldn't think that the patterned rug would in a room like this because it feels very rustic, but the rug really pops against that style. And, if you ever get sick of your statement wall, you can pull other colors from the rug to redecorate.
Here is another rustic/vintage room with a large patterned rug that pops against the table that is serving as a desk. Keeping the furniture neutral colors like white or natural wood allows the rug to be the focal point of this room.

I forgot the source of this pin, so if any of the next three images are yours let us know and we'll source them!

I picked the above pin to show you that not only do rugs work in offices, living rooms and bedrooms, but you should also consider rugs as a good way to brighten up your laundry room! Little rooms like laundry rooms can sometimes be forgotten, but I know as someone that spends a lot of time washing fabric, it can really make you smile if you're surroundings are pretty, too.

I feel like the southwest style is making a huge come back which is good because I've always liked that look. I love bold colors and geometric patterns, so rugs and lamps in this style really make me happy.

This vintage looking large floral patterned rug is wonderful and really makes this modern room feel homey. I also love how they painted the back of the book shelf to match the trim on the rug!

Some of the rugs mentioned in this blog have sold, but we've gotten so many more in! 

We hope this inspiration post helped you out, and just remember, if you find yourself looking for a new (to you) floor covering, check out the rugs and carpets section of Phantastic Phinds. See you next time! 

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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