Meet the Ladies of Phantastic Phinds: Alexis and Li

In the newest installment of Meet the Ladies of Phantastic Phinds, we're talking to our new friend Alexis who just started at the store a few weeks ago. She's a great addition to the team and we're so excited to have her with us!

1. Are you local to Pennsylvania? If not, what prompted you to pick this area?

I am a local to PA I grew up in Northern Liberties which is kind of the border between North and South Philly, then moved to the North East which is where I’m at now. I still prefer the all the movement that being close to the city gives you. Things are open late and there is always somethings going on!

2. What led you to working for Phantastic Phinds?

I started my first year of college at Temple University in 2012 and that is it hit me that I should really step into the working world. I looked everywhere for a job until I finally saw a posting for Phantastic Phinds. I searched the name online, and immediately knew it would be awesome. It’s not too far from my school, and the reviews were great, I applied instantly! As an official team member now I couldn't be more happy. The store and the people really are great.

3. What did you do before working at Phantastic Phinds?

I was immersed in school! I volunteered at a health clinic, at the PSPCA all in the attempt to find my true passion in life. Then one day I gave up, I figure by the time I finish all of my pre-requisites it will come to me. Hopefully!

4. How would you describe your design style? What does your home look like?

I have a completely open mind when it comes to design, I like almost everything. As long as it’s cute, that seems to be my only requirement. I just have to find something about it to be cute, and after that everything is easy. You can find function for things even using a sub-par imagination. I go through stages, and my home definitely reflects that. One week I’ll be into this, the next into that. So there is a mannequin with a sewing machine and a mess of fabrics in one room. Then there is wool carpets, blankets and pillows from when I was into that. I’m very impulsive.

5. What is the most memorable or unusual thing you've seen come into the store?

I'm amazed at the variety of items we get in. For instance, we took some rustic old paint cans that would look awesome as a display piece with other found objects like bottles and Ball jars.

6. When buying items for your home, what inspires you? What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I create these images in my head of what I want things to be like, and once the image is final I create it. I’ll go shopping for certain things, if I’m feeling crafty I’ll attempt to make it on my own. I do a lot of Pinterest, and then there is this website that I absolutely love it’s called and they have the most amazing ideas.

7. What kinds of things do you like to do when you aren't working?

I love to look for things that are going on in the area, events, shows, musicals, festivals. I love to be out in general. The beach, amusement parks, new restaurants, swimming, SHOPPING! As long as I’m doing something I’m happy. There is only one thing that I do at a constant pace, I love baking! That's the only thing that isn’t a phase.

8. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love talking to customers about their intentions for particular pieces, it’s really eye opening. It’s sort of a sneak peek into others imaginations, people have really awesome and sometimes very out of the box ideas. They give me ideas too.

9. Do you have any exciting things planned this year? Any trips or projects that you’re excited about?

I moved out of my parents house recently, so that is a project within itself. Painting, decorating, furniture shopping, I have so much planned. I really just want to focus on giving my place its final touches so it can really feel like home.

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