Style Two Ways: DIY Weddings

This post originally ran in October 2012, but since it's the wedding season we decided it would be a great idea to post it again! 

We get people in from time to time that are looking for supplies for their weddings, which I find to be so exciting! I love the latest craze of having small, DIY type weddings because they seem to mean so much more. The props you buy are things that you or your guests will have forever, you're surrounded by the people who truly love you on your special day and your wedding doesn't look just like everyone else's. I've always said that if I ever got married, it would be the tiniest fall wedding and (being the control freak I can be sometimes) it would be totally DIY.

I was inspired by the two cupcake/muffin stands we got in the shop to do this Style Two Ways post for you. The first "wedding" look I put together is more romantic/floral inspired.

White Bird Cage , Tiger Oak Table , White Door , White Screen
I love the white door and the white wicker room divider. These would be great to make into a backdrop for the vows or maybe a photo booth so your guests can have their picture taken! I also love this white birdcage as a card holder. (My boyfriend's sister had a birdcage card holder at her wedding! It was so cute!)

I picked out these beautiful Candlewick glasses and a cute hammered aluminum tray to give you a general idea of serving pieces. If your wedding (or birthday- who needs to get married to throw a party?) were small it would be nice to have some real glasses that in the end you can keep! I also loved these two vintage decanters and the large pressed glass cake stand. I picked out this little green planter and the silver flower holder to give you an idea for center pieces. As long as the flowers have a similar color or theme, your centerpieces don't have to match.

Muffin Stand  
This is a close up of the cupcake stand and the pink linens I picked out. I had to pick pink because they were the only linens that we had in the shop. Linens from a vintage shop are great for home made weddings because you won't mind if they get damaged and later you can use them for your home or for projects. This painted cupcake stand is so adorable!

Now, with this second wedding look I think I designed what my dream wedding would be. I do have a theme- it's rustic chic. I love cobalt glass, mason jars and wrought iron so for this second look I took those things and ran with it.

Muffin Stand , Cobalt Glasses ,  Vintage Tray 
Hurricane Lamp , Wrought Iron Candle Holder 1  , Wrought Iron Candle Holder 2 
I picked out vintage hurricane lamps and wrought iron candle holders as a lighting option. Of course, if I ever got married there would be a ton of twinkle lights and candles would just accent that so well! I love these cobalt wine glasses and the little etched tumblers because they are still vintage looking but have a rustic feel. I like this tarnished silver plate tray and glass pitcher, too.

I would use this brass candelabra on the table where the bride and groom sat.

Green Stool 
I would use small clusters of bottles with flowers (and probably twigs) as centerpieces for the tables, and I would use this stool somehow, I just haven't quite figured out how. Like I said, I love cobalt glass and I could see these with a single flower poking out of the top as a cute way to put flowers on a table.

If you need some more wedding inspiration, check out some of my favorite wedding posts over on estsy: "Don't Roll Over My Heart", "A Very Vintage Romance" and "Love in New Orleans". And here are some of my favorite wedding pins from pinterest below:

 Great idea for an alternative for the guys instead of flowers....

 Painted bottles for flowers!

 A GREAT tea light option- we get in jars pretty regularly and these are so sweet looking!

 A frame and some chalk board paint would make this an easy DIY and then after the wedding you'd have a chalk board!

 GREAT way to reuse old travel cases! We get these in the shop, too!

This rustic sign would be an easy DIY and would make a great backdrop for your wedding.

Do you have any good DIY wedding tips? Let us know! We always love your comments. Until next time!

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. Loved this post, as a former wedding coordinator, I am always looking for great DIY ideas, and I try to tell brides all the time how they can save money AND make it personal. Fun, fun, fun--

  2. Customer Comment: What beautiful ideas!
    Thank you for your fantastic postings !


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