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This post originally ran in December 2012, but as our store grows and we have new friends visiting our website, we'd like to just re-post this as a little reminder of how things work with our website. 

Hello! It's Meghan here, just popping in to explain a few things about how our website and inventory works.

Phantastic Phinds technically has two websites. The main website is www.phantasticphinds.com. This website is where all of our inventory is listed and is updated hourly to keep all the information on the website current. This means as things come in or as things go out, they are listed or unlisted to make sure that what is online matches what is in the store.

The second website is www.phantasticphinds.blogspot.com. This separate blog website is where we post all of the articles you love- our DIY inspirations, our newsletter and our staff picks- and these articles get mailed out to you. This website works in conjunction with www.phantasticphinds.com but is a separate website.

One of the myths I hear when I ask people if they read our blog is that they don't have time to "log in". To read our blog posts, you do not have to log in at all. You can either sign up to receive them by email or you can go to the blog and view our posts there. No signing up or signing in is required! We want things to be fun and easy for everyone.

The next myth is kind of complicated. This one involves the time between posts going on the blog and then getting emailed to you. Our blog is set up to email you the day after something posts. For example, the newsletter is posted on our blog Thursday afternoons, but you get it to your email on Friday morning. We have a schedule we like to stick to in order to keep from bombarding you with emails and that is why we set up the blog this way. So if you ever want a sneak peek of our newsletter posts, check us out on Thursday afternoons.

The newsletter itself can be kind of confusing, too. We get things in Monday through Saturday and those items are posted on the PhantasticPhinds.com's new arrivals page. This page is part of the main site and is updated every hour as things sell or become available. The newsletter is a culmination of the new items from the whole week. During the week, even if the items are on the newsletter, people are shopping and might buy the things on the newsletter. So sometimes, if you wait until Friday morning, something might have already sold.

We email the newsletter to give you a basic idea of what has come in or what is in stock. If you click on the item images or the links underneath each picture, it will take you to our website and tell you if the item is still available or not.

If you want to contact Phantastic Phinds about anything, our email is separate from these blog postings. You can use the contact page (click here) or email us at info@phantasticphinds.com. Our email is separate from the blog. If you have questions about consigning, what we will or won't accept and how to purchase items, I've included links to those pages below:

* CLICK HERE for How to Consign

* CLICK HERE for How to Purchase

* CLICK HERE for what we accept for consignment

I hope this helps you all enjoy the website we all work so hard on! We love putting these websites out there for you and we love every positive word that comes back to us about them. If you have other questions about how this works, email us or go to the blog and leave us a comment. We listen to every suggestion and concern so we can make things run as smoothly as possible for you.

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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