Meet the Ladies of Phantastic Phinds: Laura

Welcome to a new series, where you get to meet the ladies of Phantastic Phinds one by one. We have compiled a list of questions that we often get from customers about who we are, how we came to work in this industry, and what we did before going vintage.

Meet Laura, one of the newest Phantastic Phinds ladies! She's a very creative and kind soul who loves re-purposing and DIY.

1.            Are you local to Pennsylvania? If not, what prompted you to pick this area?

I grew up in Glenside, Pa and never really moved very far from there. I love PA, with it's change of seasons (well except for these past two non-winters!), and I love being so close to Philadelphia that I can hop on Lincoln Drive and head downtown for a day trip of thrifting and visiting my favorite historic places.

2.            What led you to working for Phantastic Phinds?

Well, I was looking for a job and had been in the store before and loved it. I had actually put myself on a Phantastic Phinds ban when I realized that my basement was pretty close to capacity with things for my "someday" house that I bought here! 

3.            What did you do before working at Phantastic Phinds?

In between raising my kids I have done all sorts of things, but my most favorite jobs were working in a wonderful little bookshop in Chalfont when I was in my 20's and, more recently, being a docent for a program called History Hunters in Germantown. We gave educational tours to kids in grades ranging from 4th grade to 8th grade at four of the historical houses in Germantown. It was a very interactive job which also provided a captive audience who had to listen to me talk about one of my favorite time periods, The Revolutionary War. I loved the discussion periods and watching the kids faces light up when they realized they had more of a grasp on history than they realized. Watching it finally come alive for them was something I will never forget. 

4.            How would you describe your design style? What does your home look like?

It's pretty eclectic. I like all sorts of things from many different periods and styles and love putting them together in new ways. I often move my furniture around so as freshen things up as well. In the past, I tended to be more neutral as far as colors go, but lately, I have moved on to adding pops of color to brighten things up a bit more. My most recent find was a bright green velvet chair that does just that! But ultimately, it needs to be about comfort. Home is where you go to unwind after your daily stresses, if it's just pretty but not functional or relaxing, then really what's the point?

5.            What is the most memorable or unusual thing you've seen come into the store?

Someone recently brought in a vintage sewing table with a hidden chair that was something I had never seen before. It was adorable!

Laura's Home

6.            When buying items for your home, what inspires you? What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I have a soft spot in my heart for anything that reminds me of my grandmother's house. I'm a very nostalgic person who had a wonderful childhood and spent a lot of that time at my grandmother's house so I tend to want to recreate that atmosphere for my kids. But I think that a house full of too many antiques can also feel a bit heavy so I try to add something unexpected here and there to break things up. 

7.            What kinds of things do you like to do when you aren't working?

We are a family of readers, so usually any free time that we have is spent curling up with a book somewhere. We also love spending time in Valley Green walking, sometimes biking and as often as possible having our picnic dinners with our close friends who live on the other side of the creek. As soon as the weather is nice we meet halfway, set up at a picnic table and settle in for an evening of food, fresh air and wading around in the Wissahickon. 

8.            What is your favorite part of your job?

I very much enjoy talking with the customers. I love hearing people's stories, where they're from and where they're going. Everyone has one and it's definitely a perk of the job.

9.            Do you have any plans or goals for the New Year?

Well, one of my goals was to begin a business with my best friend and at this very moment we are doing just that! It's very exciting to finally be moving forward in that direction together! I also have a few pieces of furniture that I want to refinish, two chairs that I'd like to re-cane and an amazing vintage couch from the 60's that I will be teaching myself to reupholster. I have a whole basement full of Phantastic Phinds furniture, remember?

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