AE Transfer Gel with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® DIY Bench

Hi All. I have a GREAT project to share with you. A little while ago I was introduced to Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel from a fellow Chalk Paint® Stockist. I am considering becoming a retailer for some of the Artisan Enhancements product line - they have some wonderful products that are super complementary to Chalk Paint® But as you know, I will not sell a product that I don't stand behind so I really had to get my hands on this stuff before taking the jump to offer it to you. 


First up, Transfer Gel. This great product will allow you to take any laser printed image and transfer it to another surface. As shown with my 4 Jeff Capped Bicyclers below.

I started with an unfinished wooden bench from Michaels, painted one coat Primer Red Chalk Paint®, one coat Duck Egg Chalk Paint® and no wax. Oh how I love this color combo, I use it in every Paint Workshop we have at PP.

 Since there was no wax, I used a wet sponge to do some distressing and pull the Primer Red Chalk Paint® through. I just wiped until it had a natural wear. When I wipe away the excess paper later, more paint will come up in the center so I distressed that area mildly.

This product will not work over wax, so if you have already waxed a piece and want to use Transfer Gel apply another coat of paint to the area first.

I printed out this great graphic from who other than Graphics Fairy of the  4 Jeff Capped Bicyclers. (Remember when printing your image to select Mirror Image on the printer so it flips your image since you will be applying it backwards.)

I cut off the excess paper and made sure the image would fit properly. 

 Ta-Dah! Here it is, AE Transfer Gel. It sort of has the consistency of cottage cheese.


 Since all of my brushes are over at The Workshop, I used a roller to apply. Apply generously.

As you roll or brush, it thins our nicely. 
 Next, I positioned the image face down and used a spakel scraper to make sure there were no bumps or bubbles.

Transfer Gel leaves a little bit of a halo where the excess gel is left over, so I took a wet cloth and carefully wiped away the excess gel around the printed image.

Although the can said to wait 10-20 minutes, I had been told by my fellow Chalk Paint® Stockist it is better left overnight or at least for several hours. I left it overnight and this is what I found in the morning. The gel had dried very nicely.

Using a sponge or cloth I wet the area to remove the excess paper. I wet the whole thing and then let it sit for a couple seconds before starting to rub away the excess. 


Rub softly, the paper will start to ball up and pull away. 

VIOLA! My first biker was uncovered! 

Here they all are, my 4 bikers.  Using the water to wipe away the excess paper brought more of the Primer Red through, don't ya just love it?

I did a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax on the whole thing and it looked great!  I distressed a little more to round out the rustic/shabby look once the wax was applied.

Pretty good for my first project with Transfer Gel. 

This beauty is for sale in the store now:  
Chalk Paint® Jeff Cap Bicyclers Transfer on Wooden Stool

So, the question is... do you guys think Phantastic Phinds should stock Transfer Gel?
Comments are always welcome below

~ Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. thanks for the information, the bench looks lovely, but what kind of printer did you use to transfer the image, ink jet or laser?
    Thank you!

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