Staff Pick of The Week: Meghan is Fixin' the Formica

Hello! It's Meghan again and I'm here with my staff pick. This week, we are talking about Formica top tables.

I have had an obsession since I was very small with the 50's-60's (remember my post on that red hutch?). I know I've told you about that before. One of the things I've always wanted has been a chrome 1950's style kitchen table. I'm still in the market for that perfect sewing table, by the way, and I'm so tempted by the two Formica top tables we have in the shop, the problem is the I'm not as crazy about the tops. I love the chrome parts but I feel like the tops could use some work.

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The one above is my favorite of the two. It would have perfect underneath storage for my tubs of fabric and it's a sturdy piece. I would have to paint it, though, because I'm just not a fan of the pattern on top.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a customer about Chalk Paint® and I was showing her some examples online. I came across a Union Jack table. If you read my St Patrick's Day post, you'll know I'm crazy about the Union Jack. I saw a few Union Jack tables on Pinterest when I was showing the customer photos, and I knew if I purchased the above table that I would have to paint a giant one on the top. Here are some examples of what I'd like to do:
1. White Union Jack Table , 2. Black Union Jack Table , 3. Traditional Union Jack Table

We also have this amazingly large Formica retro kitchen table in the shop, and it's a steal at $74.25! This would be a great table, especially with some painted chairs around it. The only reason I don't like this one was much is the pedestal bottom would make it hard for fabric storage, but it would be great for dining or other projects!

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While writing this post I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest, and I found this cool retro style ad for chrome tables. When I first started working at Phantastic Phinds, we actually got a set almost identical to this in the shop. It was way cool and you can tell I loved it since I remember it more than a year later.
Link to Pinterest

Now, this isn't the same style chrome and Formica, but below is an example of someone painting the top of her chrome table and putting wooden chairs around it. I think it looks adorable, especially the way they have it angled.

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The Fleur de Lis table below is also amazing. If I weren't so into the Union Jack theme I would definitely do this, too. By the way, I was talking to a customer who DID paint a giant Fleur de Lis on a table. She wanted to know a good website for blowing up images. When I stencil tee shirts or dresses, which I do often for my own blog, I use to make the images super large. They give you a free PDF print out and you can make some pretty large stencils.

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Here is an adorable shop display that was done with a Formica table. I think it's a super cute display.

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This is another option- even though this table below came yellow, you could easily paint just the top a solid color to entirely change the look.

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As you know from the above ad, I really like the green sets. They are like something out of Happy Days (or my grandmother's kitchen).

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Well, that's it for me today guys. What do you think? Should I buy that Formica table and give it a little make over? Do you have any favorite pieces that you've painted? Let us know! We love to hear back from you.

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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