Recap: The Spring Quarter Appointment Day

Hey, gang, it's Meghan! I'm actually live blogging the appointment day (you'll get this post a little bit later, but as I'm writing this it's Thursday 3/28/13).

Once every three months we open our appointment book for small wares appointments. We try to tell people that this is a very busy day for us, but you guys never seem to believe us! So I decided to write up just a little post about consigning with our store.

On appointment day, we do not open the store until 10 AM. I knew it was going to be a busy day, so I decided to come early and I got to work around nine thirty - here is what I found:

The line was already around the door! These people were waiting in line for small wares appointments! It looked like a fun time and we didn't want to be left out, so Angela asked me if I'd run out and snap a few pics of some of our shop friends.

Some of our consignors waiting so patiently! We try very hard to get the line moving as quickly as possible and we only have so many appointments.

Here is Angela taking the first appointment. You can see how the line is wrapping around the counter!

A few more photos of the line- these lovely ladies have the right idea- they brought coffee! If only I'd thought of that!

Here is another shot of Angela helping the line of consignors. Everyone has been so nice and patient this morning. We always appreciate everyone's cooperation. It makes the whole experience really pleasant.

Kate and her daughter braved the crowd to do some shopping today. She didn't expect such a crowd.

Here is Jenna helping out a customer in the store. It was a gorgeous day and we had the doors open to let in some fresh air, and Jenna's polka dot top is so cheerful! Perfect for the early spring morning.

Here I am manning the cash register while Angela takes appointments. 

And Jenna had some fun taking pics of me (since I always take pictures of her). 

One more of the boss making appointments. 

Appointment day is always a very fun and energetic day. The store gets charged with this refreshing energy that is contagious. I even had customers comment how exciting it felt to be in today! 

If you missed the chance to make appointments, the next date to call for an appointment is Thursday June 27th. You would call or come in that day (we always recommend coming in) to make the appointment. The store will open at 10 AM and there will be people outside waiting for us to open. So bring some coffee and join in the fun! 

UPDATE: We booked the whole three months in TWO HOURS! That is a record for us! Thank you to everyone who came out today, we always appreciate you. 

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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