DIY Meghan's Easy Liberty Bell Wall Plaque

Hello! It's Meghan here with a simple DIY I did over the weekend.

You know I love, love, love to hang things on my walls. I hate bare walls and I love to take home little unwanted things and give them a new sense of purpose. So when this little plaque came to it's final selling price with no takers, I thought to myself, Gosh, there just has to be something I can do with this guy. It was worth a shot, right?

It's definitely not the most appealing statement to have hanging on your walls (well, for me, because I don't drink much) but I did LOVE the shape of the plaque. So I flipped it over! I would have just painted right over the lettering but it was raised and I didn't feel like sanding.

Here is the back- a nice flat wooden surface for painting.

I had some left over Provence Chalk Paint® from my frames DIY, so I used that right on the wood. I did two coats.

I drew this Liberty Bell stencil last year and never got around to using it. My boyfriend and I both aren't from Philadelphia and we got very excited about going to see the Liberty Bell, so I wanted to make a little memento of our trip downtown.

Start by laying your stencil down on your piece, as I did above. However, I did not secure the stencil, and you definitely should. All you need to do is use some double sided tape and put a few pieces around the edges of your stencil to hold it down. (I'm a bad crafter- do as I say, not as I do.)

I also always attack my stencil from the outside in. Using a brush and some black acrylic craft paint, I brushed in and then once the edges were done then fill in the middle.

Stenciling is not always perfect and sometimes you get a little spillage outside the lines. (Less likely to happen if you actually secure your stencil, which I didn't.) If this happens, just use a small brush and touch up where you need to. No big deal, this happens to me all the time.

Because the stencil was just slightly smaller than the piece I was painting it on, I decided to add a little freehand wording under the bell. I'm letting you in on my tip for freehand lettering- I took a Tulip Puff Paint bottle, emptied the paint out (because I don't like Puff Paint) and filled it with black acrylic paint. This allows me to write like I have a pen in my hand in paint. I've had this bottle for about ten years, so it lasts, too. Just keep refilling it.

I added the word "Home" because even though we aren't from here, this is where we're calling home for now. I hung it over my plates that I also made for the Phantastic Phinds blog. My kitchen is just a little brighter, now.

What about you? Have you made anything interesting for your walls lately? Let us know! We love hearing from you.

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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