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I recently helped out a friend with a Pinterest tutorial since she was a little hesitant to dive in the way I kept telling her too. I love Pinterest to keep all of my (and others) ideas organized and easily able to be referenced for the future. I'm tell'in ya, I LOVE IT! So below is the tutorial I did for her, hopefully it will help you be less afraid to dive in too. 

Technical stuff: This tutorial is done on a Mac through Safari. If you are using a Windows computer and Safari, it will look a little different but should basically be the same.If you are using a different browser other than Safari such as; Internet Explorer or Firefox, the process of adding the PIN IT bookmark to your bookmarks section will differ. 

FIREFOX: Pinterest has a video tutorial for Firefox ( 

INTERNET EXPLORER: I found this random YouTube video, not sure how great it is but might be worth a look. ( 

Don't you wish all browser just worked the same??? I do!

Ok here we go... 

HOW TO ADD PINS & IMAGES TO PINTEREST, A step by step tutorial

Step 1:
Go to Pinterest & login. If you don't have an account, make one. We'll wait... it takes just a few minutes.

Step 2: 
Make sure you are logged in and go to this link: Scroll to the top of the page until you see the PIN IT button shown below.

STEP 3:  
It will tell you to drag the button into your bookmarks. You may have to go to VIEW -> SHOW BOOKMARK BAR, if it is not already visible - this is for Safari only, all browsers are a little different. 

Click on the button and DON'T LET GO and begin to drag it up to the top of your bookmark bar and let go.


STEP 4:  
Hit ENTER to lock it into the bookmark bar 

STEP 5:  

You will then see a bookmark called PIN IT. Once you see that you are ready to surf the web & pin away!

STEP 6: 

Now go to any website with images, when you want to "Pin" a picture, hit that PIN IT bookmark that you just added. It will turn the page into just images. Click on the image you want to pin and say PIN IT.

We went to & hit the PIN IT bookmark we just added. Once you hit the pin it button it pulls any "Pin-able" images to cover the page, it will look like this:

Step 7: 
Find the image you want to pin, and run your cursor over it. (to do multiple images you have to do one at a time). It will say PIN IT when you do. (note: not ALL images on a page will come up as pin-able. It is because of some technical junk that I am sure you don't really want me to lay out). 

STEP 8:  
Click the PIN IT button associated with the picture you want to pin. It will put the picture into a little screen like this one. Sometimes it brings in the text associated with the image, sometimes you have to type your own. Make sure you select the correct PIN BOARD from the drop down menu above the text box. Don't have any pin boards yet or want to make a new one? No problem! On to the next step.

To make a new board: 
Click on the arrow to the right of the top box (Below, ours says Phantastic Phinds Workshop & Cha...). You will see all of your existing boards there OR scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see a box called CREATE NEW BOARD. In the box, enter the name of the board you want to create. I suggest naming it something that associates well with the image. Like for this image of cheeseclotth I would put Chalk Paint™Tools, or something like that. When done, click CREATE. 

In the large text box (Below, ours says 5 pack of Better Than Cheesecloth Cloth) you can type whatever you want. Sometimes the text will generate on its own but you can certainly change it if it does.

STEP 10: When you are done, click PIN IT!

VIOLA you just created your first pin! The great thing is that when you go to this pin later, you can click the image (twice) to be taken to the website that you got it from. I do this ALL the time for DIY tutorials that I want to try out in the future. That way I don't clog my favorites or my email inbox sending myself links for stuff to check out later. This is why I LOVE PINTEREST! It keeps everything organized for you. 

Now for a little bit more technical approach. If you have images on your computer you want to put on Pinterest follow the instructions below. 

STEP 1  
Go to, make sure you are logged in and hit the ADD button.

STEP 2: 
This screen will pop up, hit UPLOAD

Then you need to CHOOSE the picture to upload. Find the image on your computer and hit Choose.


STEP 4: 
It will create a box like this one. Be sure to select the correct PIN BOARD from the drop down or create a new one (see above Step 9), and also add some text so people searching can find your pin. IE if it is related to Chalk Paint™ make sure to put Chalk Paint™ in the text box. Hit PIN IT and you are all done!

We hope you have fun pinning and don't forget to visit our Pinterest page for lots of inspirational boards!


~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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