Pinspiration to Reality: A Year of Wishes & Memories

Hi. Angela here with another Pinterest to Reality post.  (It's an easy one too!)

I have been seeing this kicking around on Pinterest for quite some time and I keep telling myself I am going to do it. Well this year I did. The note on Pinterest says, "Mason Jar Memory Jar: Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and be reminded of the big and little stuff that happened over the year." It is such a sweet idea and with all I have flurrying around all the time, I sometimes forget the little things.

Lately, Mason jars have become a hot commodity in our family. My sisters first son, my godson, is named Mason. She started collecting Mason jars for him and so did I. I try to find him the rare old ones; ones with color, with hand blown mold seams, with pontil breaks, with tin lids and porcelain seals. It is fun to hunt for my little buddy. One day I will show him how to age them so he can tell the difference between a mass produced jar and an old hand blown one. Hopefully, he too will love to hunt for the good ones.

So a little while ago Classico started carrying these taller, thinner, Atlas Mason jars. I love the shape. I always clean and save them. I use them for left overs, storage, bath salts and now this!

I soak the jars in a tall plastic container and then scrape the label. Leaving the beautiful imprint of ATLAS MASON exposed. 

I painted the top of the jar with Duck Egg Chalk Paint® and sealed it with clear wax. I marked the top with a sharpie "2013" and started the year off with a little note about why I decided to do the jar. Since you took the time to read my post, I will fill you in on what I wrote on my first note in 2013. It says "I don't want to forget a day with my baby boy but I know as time passes I will. I hope this jar and the ones to come in future years will help me to hold onto the memories a little longer, a little tighter, and to continue to pay attention to the little stuff."

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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