Meet the Ladies of Phantstic Phinds: Jenna

Welcome to a new series, where you get to meet the ladies of Phantastic Phinds one by one. We have compiled a list of questions that we often get from customers about who we are, how we came to work in this industry, and what we did before going vintage.

This week we're meeting Jenna! Jenna loves thrifting, arranging the small wares in the shop and chatting with our customers about their phinds.

1. Are you local to Pennsylvania ? If not, what prompted you to pick this area?

 I was born and raised in eastern Montgomery County. I lived in Chestnut Hill for two years prior to moving to Collegeville.

2. What led you to working for Phantastic Phinds?

I answered an add on Craigslist and thought it would be a very cool part time job!

3. What did you do before joining the Phantastic Phinds crew? 

I was a stay-at-home Mom for 7 years. Prior to that I had a variety of positions over the years, mainly in Restaurant Management. My favorite job was selling furniture and home decor. You wonder why?!

4. How would you describe your design style? What does your home look like? 

The best word to describe my style is eclectic! Although, I do gravitate to rustic and comfortable. My friends say that my home is very homey and welcoming. I would buy old over new any day, which is why I ended up in an old farm house. Sometimes I long for lovely walk in closets or a finished basement, but I won't trade my deep window sills or beamed ceiling for the world!

5. What is the most memorable or unusual thing you've seen come into the store? 

This question stumped me! Recently, we had an old wooden ice box at the store. It still had most of the original hardware inside the compartments. It was quite pretty, despite that it was an "appliance" of sorts. It was a history lesson just imagining what life was like when it was a functioning part of a kitchen!

6. When buying items for your home, what inspires you? What are your favorite sources of inspiration? 

I pull sources of inspiration from all over...magazines, books, tv. Since I do a lot of thrifting, I really never know what I'm going to find (sounds familiar, right?). Some of the shows I see on HGTV, I could have either written or stared in, 'cause they are my life! Had I only known that I could have been famous for being a regular at the Salvation Army, I would have started filming myself YEARS ago! LOL

7. What kinds of things do you like to do when you aren't working? 

When I'm not with my children, I love going thrift shopping and "treasure shopping" as we say! I've been collecting some special stuff recently and I will be hosting a special sale in my barn in the spring. I am also planning on becoming addicted to Chalk Paint in the very near future!

8. Who inspires or influences you? Do you have any role models or people that motivate you? 

OK, Martha Stewart makes me want to scream! Of course you can host a dinner party for 20 effortlessly when you employ a staff of 100 with a limitless bank account!...REAL people inspire me, customers who share what they have done, friends who have pulled together something from nothing. People who are out there making things happen. I love listening to those stories of success! Real life creative people!

9. What is your favorite part of your job? 

The diversity of the product. It never gets boring and there is always something to admire or learn about! Oh, and the people, of course!

10. Since we're having a before and after contest, do you have any favorite pieces that you've refinished or redone? 

I found two identical wood book cases, one from a garage sale and one from a second-hand store. Doors on the bottom and open shelving on the top. I painted them navy blue and added black chalkboard paint to the front panels and chalked "Games, Puzzles, Books, Art". I recently got tired of the MESS on the shelves (did I mention they are in my boys' playroom?) so I added a simple curtain rod and made a paid curtain for the top. Very cute, very functional, very fun! They look like something from Pottery Barn, without the price tag! They may not be worthy of a before and after contest win, but they are something I love to look at every day, knowing that I transformed something and saved a lot of money in the process!

11. Do you have any plans or goals for the New Year?

I say this every year, but I am seriously trying to get organized this year! I made a list of all the "little" projects that I have either started, or worse yet, purchased and haven't started, all of which are calling my name! I hope to get at least one crossed off my list every month. hhhmmm, how many months are there in a year?? Better make that two per month!

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