Meet the Ladies of Phantastic Phinds: Elizabeth

Welcome to a new series, where you get to meet the ladies of Phantastic Phinds one by one. We have compiled a list of questions that we often get from customers about who we are, how we came to work in this industry, and what we did before going vintage.

Next is Liz, the manager and resident art expert at Phantastic Phinds. 

1. Are you local to Pennsylvania ? If not, what prompted you to pick this area?

I was born on the AFB in Dover, Delaware. My parents moved to Ambler in 1970 and I stayed in Ambler.

2. What led you to working for Phantastic Phinds?

I was laid off from my position as an Illustrator for Nesbitt Graphics. I worked part time at Eddie Baur, Yankee Candle and Howson & Howson Law firm until I answered an add for a part time person at Phantasticphinds.

3. What did you do before joining the Phantastic Phinds crew?

My background is medical and scientific publishing. I usually supplied artwork, graphs and charts and edited photos for various publications.

4. How would you describe your design style? What does your home look like?

My style is very eclectic. I'm not sure there is a name for my style. It's a visual odyssey as no corner or wall is empty. Most of my furniture was aquired from my parents when they moved to Arizona and trash picks. I spent a great amount of time refinishing pieces that were being discarded when I was younger and lived at home. I am an art enthusiast and love all things hand made. My walls are covered with art work.

5. What is the most memorable or unusual thing you've seen come into the store?

hmmmm...I think some of the hand blown blue glass and a gorgeous blue westmoreland bowl that came in more recently sticks in my mind. I was fascinated with some of the mexican pottery from Oaxaca Mexico. There were 3 black pottery sculptures of a cat, an owl and a bird.

6. When buying items for your home, what inspires you? What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I'm fascinated by old items. I recently purchased a cloisonne plate w a dragon motif that was not as old as it was reported but learned it was an art deco piece from the 1920's.

7. What kinds of things do you like to do when you aren't working?

I'm a PBS and BBC junky and always in search of a fabulous TV series. I love music and I'm addicted to Pandora as I search the internet for arts and crafts. I'm also an etsy fan.

8. Who inspires or influences you? Do you have any role models or people that motivate you?

Hmmm--tough question as there are so many creative people and experiences to inspire you.

9. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love researching items and learning new information from our customers who are often a wealth of knowledge.

10. Since we're having a before and after contest, do you have any favorite pieces that you've refinished or redone?

I have a tiny wood stool that I refinished when I was 16? The patchwork was done with my old jeans and a top I outgrew.
As some of you may know, my background is in Medical and Scientific publishing. I was laid off in 2009 and started working several part-time positions. I joined the Phantastic Phinds group in February 2011 and took over as the store manager when Angela made the decision to start a family. I was just offered a full-time position as Pictorial Editor at the National Board of Medical Examiners, which I have accepted, and with regret will be leaving Phantastic Phinds. I am passing the torch onto Meghan, who will be the new store manager. I just wanted to thank all of our enthusiastic customers and consignors for my brief exposure to the world of consignment. It has been a pleasure working with Angela, Tim, Meghan, Jenna, Chris and Piper. I will miss everyone and their wealth of knowledge about glorious chotchkies and furniture. Yes, I too will now become a Phantastic Phinds addict, surfing the web page for new treasures.

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